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    • CommentAuthorAsmodai
    • CommentTimeMar 25th 2015
    This will be a series of short vault contests, each based on one continent of the Earth. The idea is to post shots that are visually connected to and iconic for the continent of the theme. For the second leg we will visit Africa. This means: the continent south of the Mediterranean Sea, west of the Arabian Peninsula, east of the Atlantic Ocean and north of Antarctica.


    Dates (WTM time):
    Uploads start at: April 3, 2015 20:00 - Uploads end at: April 10, 2015 19:59
    Solving starts at: April 10, 2015 20:00 - Solving ends at: April 17, 2015 20:00

    Best shots will get awards.


    - How many shots can I upload?
    2, but if you are a supporter 3

    - Can I post multiple shots of the same movie?
    No, every movie has only one shot available in total.

    - Can I post shots of series, shorts, made for TV movies?
    No, the usual uploading rules apply.


    After this we have more plans, including a new sidequest by the winner of SotD 2014 and a special surprise from kinoute! However, if some of you suddenly have great ideas for new vaults, you can of course still share them in this topic: