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    A group of middle school students start selling fake military plans to the KGB to pay for their music teacher's eye operation.
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    Nobody's Perfect(1990)
    Chad Lowe looks alike/vs Jonathan Brandis(Ladybugs, 1992)
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    The Dirt Bike Kid (1985)
    no hungarian name? wtf from vhs ages: MX BANDITA

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    Luc Besson?

    sry, executive producer (uncredited)
    Sirga, az oroszlán (1993) L'enfant lion (original title)

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    The movies of the week...

    "Candy" (Christian Marquand France | Italy | USA 1968)
    Candy, an innocent high-schooler, encounters numerous colorful characters and humorous sexual situations while attempting to find meaning in life. A complete psychotronic movie with all star cast (Ringo Saterr, Marlon Brando, James Coburn, John Huston, Walter Matthau, Richand Birton, Charles Aznavour, Sugar Ray Robinson...) and with beautiful Ewa Aulin excellent as the naïve Candy and who will star in and produce the cult movie “Microscopic Liquid Subway to Oblivion” (John W. Shadow, 1970). A curiosity.

    "Isabella, duchessa dei diavoli" (aka “Isabella, Ducchess of the Devils”) (Bruno Corbucci, Italy 1969)
    An Alsacian Baron massacres the family of a French Duke, and takes his lands, and his title. Isabella, the Duke's baby child, escapes the massacre, is raised by gypsies, and comes back twenty years later to exact revenge. Not bad adaptation of a classic Italian fumeti. Lot of action and pretty gals in this quite good adventure and history movie. 7/10

    "The Labor of Love" (Robert Flaxman, Daniel Goldman, USA 1976)
    “I had not any idea about what I was doing… “ that’s what the director of the movie, , Henri Charr, directly announces front of the camera in this fly on the wall documentary about the making of “The Last Affair” (Henri Charr, 1976), which was an independent feature made in Chicago, Illinois with a stipulation mandated by its financial backers that it had to include explicit hardcore sex scenes in order to capitalize on the porno chic trend which was popular in the mid-1970's. However, the shooting of the movie doesn't go as smoothly as planned, with various unforeseen complications along the way to its completion. The director has nevec filmed a love scena and has to direct a porn movie, actrors are mostly all amateurs… a great and unique making off movie and certainly one of the most interesting… 8/10

    "Zeta One" (Michael Cort, UK 1969)
    A race of topless, large-breasted women from the planet Angvia, in another dimension, come to earth to kidnap women to repopulate their planet. Yes, that’s the plot this psychotronic movie from outer space… Camp and kitsch ! for fans 7/10

    "Maine Océan" (Jacques Rozier, France 1986)
    "Maine-Ocean" is the name of a train that rides from Paris to Saint-Nazaire. In that train, Dejanira, a Brazilian dancer, has a brush with the two ticket inspectors. Mimi, another traveler and also a lawyer, helps her. The four of them will meet together later and live a few shifted adventures with a strange-speaking sailor. A fine and fresh movie with great characters and acting. 8/10

    "Faites vos jeux, Mesdames" (Marcel Ophüls, France / Spain 1965)
    Eddie Constantine plays an attaché in a middle eastern country but is really a secret agent. He is put on the trail of a kidnapped scientist who has come up with a ring that contains a ray that paralyzes the person its aimed at for three hours. The trail leads to a group of female criminals with their own designs on world domination. Lot of action and fun in this movie with fine Eddie Constantine. Not his best but neighter his worth… 6,5/10

    "7 uomini d'oro" (aka “7 golden men”) (Marco Vicario, France / Italy / Spain 1965)
    Excellent Capper movie with many plot twists. A group of thieves led by The Professor manage to rob the gold reserve of the Swiss National Bank. But as usual a small incident will ruin all their projects… With gorgeous Rossana Podesta… Very entertaining. 7,5/10

    "The Walking Hills" (John Sturges, USA 1949)
    A group of treasure hunters search for a wagon load of gold, buried years before in Death Valley. With a similar background ofThe Treasure of the Sierra Madre a small unusual actuel western with good Randollph Scott. 7/10

    "Horror" (aka “The Blancheville Monster”) (Alberto De Martino, Italy / Spain 1963)
    The beautiful young daughter of a crazed count fears that she will fall victim to the family curse - to be sacrificed to fulfill an ancient family legend. Anoher gothic movie of Italian cinema after Freda’s “I vampiri” in 1957. Loosely adapted from E.A. Poe. Nice photography and settings… 7/10

    That's all for today... Now some days in Marseille... :)
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    wolverine vs ...?
    lol, kid movie :Ö

    Lefty, a kelekótya hiúz (1971)
    Lefty, the Dingaling Lynx (original title)
    1h | Family | TV Movie 28 November 1971

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    ascending or descenging order? filming location?
    John Rhys-Davies
    Laura Dern
    Charlie Sheen
    George Clooney

    igaz is meg nem is
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    Some movies I watched those last days...

    “Messiah of Evil” (Willard Huyck, Gloria Katz, USA 1973)
    A young woman goes searching for her missing artist father. Her journey takes her to a strange Californian seaside town governed by a mysterious undead cult. Good and effiscient little horror movie. 7/10

    “Oldás és kötés” (aka “Cantata”) (Miklós Jancsó, Hungary 1963)
    A young doctor undergoes a spiritual and political crisis when he returns to his rural home. Jancsó’s first long feature is already very good even if his typical style will arise a bit later. A good portrayal of a young man who’ll realizes that his success may ha ve cause more damages he could imagine… 8,5/10

    “La Fayette“ (aka “Lafayette”) (André Dreville, France/Italy 1961)
    During the American War of Independence, French officer and nobleman La Fayette comes to America's aid with men, money and weapons and becomes a Major-General under George Washington's command. At that time it was the most expensive French movie ever made. A huge and international cast for this classic history movie. 7/10

    “Œil pour œil“ (aka “An Eye for an Eye“) (André Cayatte, France 1957)
    In North Africa Dr. Walter is a very skilled surgeon but lives at a distance from the hospital. In the evening a husband and his sick wife come to his private home from far away. He tells them to go to the hospital. The wife dies during the operation. The other doctors think that Walter might have saved her. Shortly afterward a man asks Walter to come to a village to treat a very sick man. He goes thither in his car. There all tyres of his car are stolen, and he sees the Husband in this village. Then he accepts Husband’s “guidance” through the desert… Just excellent ! 9/10

    “La part de l’ombre“ (Jean Delannoy, France 1945)
    An old famous musician lives retired in a castle with his daughter. A young composer, a genius with dark past has seduced the girl. Fearing a destructive genius the old man tells him to leave…. Not bad at all even if Delannoy made a better work later… 7,5/10

    "Linda and Abilene" (Herschell Gordon Lewis, USA 1969)
    In the 19th century, siblings Abilene and Tod, orphaned on their western farm, become attracted to each other, sexually. The confused Tod fleas to a nearby town where he meets Linda, a local bar girl, and begins a sexual relationship with her, while a rough cowboy, named Rawhide, sexually assaults Abilene leading Tod wanting revenge despite Linda's wariness and growing compassion for Abilene… An Early H.G. Lewis movie a curious mix of western and nudie… 6/10

    That's all for the moment...
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    today's movies...

    “La peau de Torpedo“ (aka “Children of Mata Hari“) (Jean Delannoy, France 1970)
    A network of spies affects the lives of people in and out of the organization in this cold spy drama. Delannoy made better movies but it’s not as bad as some says. The whol is quite entertaining with cool casting and some nice moments. 7/10

    “Kyojin to gangu“ (aka “Giants and Toys“) (Yasuzô Masumura, Japan 1958)
    As three rival Caramel companies prepare for their annual promotional campaigns, the corporate backstabbing begins. But when the PR director of World Caramel discovers Kyoko, an unpolished girl to star as the new face of the campaign, the competitive tide seems to turn in their favor. Until, that is, Kyoko becomes such a wild sensation that the entire campaign implodes. Excellent and brilliant satirical movie readly and sadly still being topical… so few has changed… 9/10

    “Countess Dracula“ (Peter Sasdy, UK 1971)
    The old and evil Countess Elisabeth Nodosheen uses blood sacrifice to bath with the blood of virgin women and restore her beauty and youth helped by her servant Julie Sentash and her former lover, Capt. Dobi the Castle Steward. When she meets the young Lt. Imre Toth, she pretends to be her daughter Ilona to marry him, for the despair of Dobi. But when Illona returns home to visit her mother, Julie that was her former nanny has to decide what to do to protect her. Not the best hammer movie but with some nice moments. 6,5/10

    “Stille dage i Clichy“ (aka “Quiet Days in Clichy”) (Jens Jørgen Thorsen, Denmark 1970)
    Two americans, Jopey and Carl, living in a small apartment, are penniless writers, with not enough to eat, which does not prevent them from enjoying life. One of their main interests is to get laid with women of various ages, physical appearances and nationalities. Among them, a neighbor in need, a fourteen-year-old half-witted girl, an American newspaper vendor who tends to smash up everything before making love, a Swedish woman who mourns her late husband..., all being merely sex toys they play with. Adapted from Henry Miller’s novel a hot movie well filmed and with particular editing in glorious b/w. A true curiosity with worderfull music of Country Joe ! 7,5/10.

    That's all for today...
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    The movies of the last two days...

    "La cage aux folles" (Édouard Molinaro, France 1978)
    Two gay men living in St. Tropez have their lives turned upside down when the son of one of the men announces he is getting married. They try to conceal their lifestyle and their ownership of the drag club downstairs when the fiancée and her parents come for dinner. I rewatched this great classic of French comedy with much pleasure… 8/10

    "Harvey" (Henry Koster, USA 1950)
    Due to his insistence that he has an invisible six foot-tall rabbit for a best friend, a whimsical middle-aged man is thought by his family to be insane - but he may be wiser than anyone knows. I rewatched with much pleasure this delightfull comedy with a James Stewart at the top. 8,5/10

    "Le faux-pas" (Antoine d'Ormesson, France 1965)
    A poorly know thriller with good and twisted plot about a woman who sees her husband falling from a cliff in Calanques near Marseille. She ran away because they were on divorce and had threatened him many times to kill him. She meets a man and decides to lie him saying she’s a tourist and that someone stole her car with all her stuff… Quite good and full of nice on location filming in Marseille and the Calanques… 7/10

    "Savage Streets" (Danny Steinmann, USA 1984)
    A teenage vigilante seeks revenge on a group of violent thugs who raped her handicapped sister and killed her best friend. A classic plot for those times but the movie is well done with a Linda Blair who goes on rampage in what remains certainly his best performamance post-Exorcist… 7/10

    "Belle" (André Delvaux, Belgium | France 1973)
    A professor of literature who develops an obsession with a beautiful woman he meets in the woods. He has an affair with this woman, but before he can run off with her, a stranger arrives and he plans to kill him. Furthermore his daughter, who is an object of his incestuous desire, kills his daydreams when she gets married… Interresting movie which balances on the thin cord of psychological drama, surrealistic thriller and sometimes even comedy… 8/10

    "La musica" (Marguerite Duras, Paul Seban, France 1967)
    The movie was written by Marguerite Duras based on her eponymous play which she also directed with Paul Seban. Just the story of "He" (Robert Hossein) and "She" (Delphine Seyrig) who come for their nonetheless divorce judgement and stay in the same hotel and realize some extraordinary insights into their dissolving marriage. Just Very Good. 8,5/10

    "L’heure exquise" (René Allio, France 1981)
    Documentary about Marseille from the 20s to present, filtered through the director's childhood memories of his family and places where they lived. Then as he wishes to do it at the beginning of the movie, he just want to leave a trace of people who usually don’t leave any or so few… Excellent and very movieng and furthermore a lit of nostalgia for me who lived in the same area at that time… 10/10

    that's all for today...
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    Melyik nőt válasszam? (1990)
    Archie: To Riverdale and Back Again (original title)

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    one letter? C character, case sensitive or not, today learned
    John Reilly or John C. Reilly

    Érints meg és menj! (1986)
    Touch and Go (original title)
    1h 41min | Comedy, Drama, Romance | 2 June 1988 (Hungary)
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    A szoba (2015)
    Room (original title)
    16 | 1h 58min | Drama | 28 January 2016 (Hungary)

    trailer? anyád faszát.. google translate
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    the movies of the week... very few indeed but some interessant stuff...

    “Agatha et les lectures illimitées” (aka “Agatha and the Limitless Readings“) (Margueritte Duras, France 1981)
    A dialogue-driven drama about a woman and her brother who meet at a deserted seaside hotel to deal with their passionate incestuous feelings for each other and reminisce about their happy childhood. Great movie ! but not for all public. 8,5/10

    “Ce corps tant desiré“ (aka “This Desired Body“) (Luis Saslavsky, France 1959)
    Lina a prostitute flees from Narbonne with a Loser, Guillaume to the remote Bouzigue near Sète. There she seduces Henri the local womanizer who lives with Marinette… Bit when the truth about Lina’s wife becomes clear things begin to go wrong… Interresting melodrama with good acting and gorgeous Belinda Lee… 7,5/10

    “Un officier de police sans importance“ (aka “A Police Officer Without Importance“) (Jean Larriaga France/Italy, 1973)
    Camille, Dov and Joëlle live on the edge of society and are involved in petty theft helping them to buy their drug doses and to survive as best they can. One day, while attempting to rob a movie theater, they activate the alarm signal and it is Pierre, Camille's brother, who is doing a heist in the same building, who is arrested red-handed. The three young people decide to kidnap a police officer and exchange him for Pierre. Interresting even if not fully original movie with good ending.... 7,5/10

    “El monstruo resucitado” (aka “The Monstrous Doctor Crimen“) (Chano Urueta, Mexico 1953)
    Set in the Balkans, this story concerns a bored journalist, Nora who is ordered by her boss to follow up a mysterious advertisement placed by Dr Ling. Ling turns out to be a misshapen creature who, rejected by his peers, has become the stereotypical mad scientist, here specializing in plastic surgery. He falls in love with Nora but fearing she will betray him he resuscitates a young man who committed suicide, Ariel by transplanting a new brain into him, and order him to fetch Nora so that he can kill her. The first major horror movie in Mexico golden age, loosely based on the Frankenstein story but injecting gory surgical motifs into it, laying the foundations of the genres that came to dominate Hispanic Science Fictionin the 60's and 70's… 7/10

    “Abigail Lesley Is Back in Town” (Joseph W. Sarno, USA 1975)
    Sex in little town… The return of Abigail Lesley brings back some old painful memories for several inhabitants of a small quiet finishing village that's been hit by economic troubles. Abigail left town years ago after she and Gordon Howe were caught by accident by his wife Priscilla, while having sex. Abigail is a sexually liberated and predatory woman, who knows what she wants and what she wants is revenge… or somethong like that… This nudie directed by master of the genre Joseph W. Sarno brings much more than you could expect from such movies. It’s often a very accurate depiction of the hypocrisy of human relations and especialy regarding sex and the character of Abigail acts like the real pointer of the situation… Not bad at all and furthermore with some pretty actressesa and nice filming on location in small fishermen town (Amityville). 7,5/10
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    the others...

    “Love After Death“ (Glauco Del Mar, USA 1968)
    During a cataleptic fit, Montel is buried alive, a burial plotted by his greedy wife Sofia with several men, including her lover, Montel's doctor. Exiting his grave, Montel goes on a sexual rampage. When the conspirators engage in gun play at an abandoned castle, Montel arrives to stab the doctor and strangle Sofia, followed by the revelation that he is actually dead. Well, a rough nudie very osely inspired by Edgar Alan Poe, not uninteresting indeed. 6,5/10

    “Les héros sont fatigués“ (aka “The Heroes Are Tired“) (Yves Ciampi, France/West Germany 1955)
    A french pilot during WWII work now for a private company in deep Africa. Oner day he discovers hidden in his plane some diamonds. He decides to land in Liberia and to sell them to go back to Paris. He lands in an hotel managed by an ex-collaborator and with Manuella a gorgeous prostitute… But the diamond smugglers are also after him… Interresting post-colonial movie with good cast and good acting, Yves Montand, Jean Servais, Gert Fröbe and gorgeous Maria Felix… Not bad at all… 8/10

    “Beau-père“ (aka “Stepfather“) (Bertand Blier, France 1981)
    Remy is morose, nearing 30 with his career as a musician going nowhere and his eight-year marriage to Martine souring. Then, Martine dies in a car crash, and Marion, her 14-year-old, wants to stay rather than move to her father's. Remy likes the idea: he loves her, he's raised her, and she offers him emotional responsibility. Marion's father objects, but she's willful, so he relents. Soon, she tells Remy she finds him attractive, that she's now "a woman," and why can't they be lovers… Delicate subject but quite well treated with the argument of the global weekness of the stepfather... 7,5/10

    “Die Säge des Todes” (aka “Bloody Moon”) (Jesús Franco, Spain / West Germany, 1981)
    Miguel, a young man with a horribly disfigured face, goes on a rampage at a masquerade party and rapes a girl. He then brutally hacks up the young woman with a pair of scissors. Miguel is institutionalized at a mental asylum for five years. Afterward, he is released into the care of his sister, Manuela. Along with their wheelchair bound mother, they operate a boarding school for young woman, called Europe's International Youth-Club Boarding School of Languages, on the Spanish resort of Costa Del Sol. Miguel is intrigued by Angela, a long-haired brunette, whom he first saw on the train ride from the sanitarium. The creepy Miguel follows her around. Miguel meets with Manuela to request that they resume their incestuous relationship. Franco’s slasher is not the best you can see as you can expect it… But Olivia pascal as the terrified gal is gorgeous… 6/10

    “Enigme aux Folies-Bergère“ (aka “Enigma at the Folies-Bergère“) (Jean Mitry, France 1959)
    A dark story of stolen diamonds leads to a serie of murders at the famous cabaret, Les Folies-Bergèr in Paris. A tough inspector is in charge of the investigation surrounded by all the half-naked dancers of the famous cabaret… Jean Mitry, born with the amazing name of Jean-René-Pierre Goetgheluck Le Rouge Tillard des Acres de Presfontaines (sic) was a famous writer who published numerous excellent books about the history of cinema… this movie is his only long feature… It is adapted from a Leo Malet novel. Even if not a masterpiece (far from that) it’s a little crime movie typical of those years… note the presence of ex musical star Dora Doll as the lame fallen angel jealous of the new rising star played by ex-Zanuck’s protegee Bella Darvi on her way to hell to suicide… A curiosity… 6/10

    that's all for the moment...
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    Movies of the last two days...

    "Le piège" (aka "The Trap") (Charles Brabant, France/Italy 1958)
    Near the refineries of Berre, a lecherous eldery man, owner of an hotel, covets the widow of his son and the maid… But soon a tough guy escape from Italy and accused of murder arrives and seduces the widow… The old man accepts not to denounce him to the police only if the couple accept to stay there… trapped. Interresting small drama even if nothing original. Raf Valone is not very good as usual but Malgali Noël is convincing and Charles Vanel frightening as the old pervert. 7/10

    "Candide ou l'optimisme au XXe siècle" (aka "Candide") (Norbert Carbonnaux, France 1960)
    The script transposes the action of Voltaire's famous novel into the twentieth century just before WII. Carbonneaux's movie remains a fable faithful to the writer's spirit and when the transposition works well it’s sometime very funny and satirical... Jean-Pierre Cassel is a good cast as Candide who ,in every ituation even the worst, always shares the philosophy of his master Pangloss "everything is for the best in the best of all possible worlds" The cast is a who's who of the French cinema: Michel Simon, Louis de Funès, Luis Mariano, Dario Moreno, Jacqueline Maillan, Pierre Brasseur, Michel Serrault, Jean Richard, Jean Poiret, Daliah Lavi, Alice Sapritch…. 7/10

    "Monique, My Love" (Peter Woodcock, USA 1969)
    The roommate of Monique, a model and sexploitation actress, reads her writings to a group of sensual women about the adventure of Monique through sex industry… very tiny script but girls are very pretty as Jo Sweet or Maria Lease… for fan of nudies of the golden age… 6,5/10

    "L’Amour de Femmes" (Nick Millard, USA 1969)
    Lenore and Suzanne are swinging' 60s chicks who share a swank apartment and a Lincoln Continental financed by their rich, bankrolling daddies.They have a lot of sex experiences with lot of other girls… A classic nudie but this time only focused on lesbianism and strongly pro-Queer. Intrerresting with lot of pretty actresses. 7/10

    that's all for today...
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    today? wait? main turn
    David Strathairn, same rule, 15 years
    A felejtés virágai (2000)
    Harrison's Flowers (original title)

    Hétköznapi titkaink (2015)
    Louder Than Bombs (original title)
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    amercian election? jfk vs ?
    Impure Thoughts (1985)

    Four male friends are reunited after not being in contact with each other for several years. However, the meeting place is Purgatory, the afterlife state of limbo between heaven and hell.
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    Movies of the last two days...

    “Gibraltar” (Fedor Ozep, France 1938)
    In Gibraltar a mysterious spy ring makes all the troop-ships of the Royal Navy explode in the strait. A member of British secret services helped by French secret services infiltrates the ring. For that, he meets a luxuous prostitute who may be involved… A curious pre-war movie with good cast Vivian Romance and Erich von Stroheim among others… 7/10

    “La tumba de la isla maldita” / “Hannah, Queen of the Vampires” (Julio Salvador, Ray Danton, Spain/USA 1973)
    An archeologist is killed as he try to investigate a mysterious tomb in e remote Mediterranean island. His son soon comes and learns that the tomb is the one of Hanna a promised queen buried alive as she was suspected of being a vampire… The son doesn’t believe this legend and decide to open the tomb… Ultra broke horror movie with pretty Teresa Gimpera as Hanna… Some moments nice filming by the way partly save the movie. 5,5/10

    “Amazons” (Alejandro Sessa, Argentina 1986)
    An epic from the dark ages about the legendary lost tribe of warrior women! The girls fly into danger, come up against fierce tribes, fall prey to sorcery, put to rest a family rivalry of centuries past and battle to victory! Ultra camp movie with lame script but the girls are very pretty… 5/10

    “The Incredible Petrified World” (Jerry Warren, USA 1959)
    Four adventurers descend to the depths of the ocean when the cable on their underwater diving bell snaps. The rest of their expedition, believing them to be lost, abandons hope of finding them. Exiting the diving bell, the party finds themselves in a network of underwater caverns. They encounter a shipwreck survivor. He tells them he has been there for 14 years and that there is no way out. Yeah, it’s a Jerry Warren movie so it’s Z grade… but fre fans it’s a must to see… 4/10 for Z fans 10/10.

    “Így jöttem” / “My Way” (Miklós Jancsó, Hungary 1965)
    In the final days of WWII, a seventeen-year-old boy wanders the countryside. He is captured by Soviet troops, then released, then captured once more - after he has donned a German uniform for warmth - and imprisoned at a remote barracks, where he strikes up an unlikely friendship with a young Russian soldier… The first Jancsó’s movie where the director fully develops the themas he will use during most of his carreer : the psychological presence of landscape, the randomness of violence, the arbitrary nature of power, absurdity of war. Formaly, Jancsó begins to develop his long sequence-shot that will make his cinema so unique… 8,5/10

    That's all for the moment...
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    • CommentTimeNov 12th 2016
    Recents movies of the last two days...

    “Le vieux fusils” (aka (“The Old Gun”) (Robert Enrico, France/West Germany 1975)
    Near Mautauban, a quiet surgeon takes revenge on a group of nazis soldiers after they massacre his wife and daughter. A radical and very violent movie but very effective with great acting of Philippe Noiret as the revengeful husband… I rewatched this movie with great pleasure… 8,5/10

    “See no Evil” (Richard Fleischer, UK 1971)
    Sarah is a blind girl who has returned to her home, a country manor in which all of the occupants are dead. She unknowingly sleeps overnight, among a houseful of corpses, arising the next morning to quietly creep out of bed, in order not to awaken the other members of the household… Great suspense and great Mia Farrow in this well done thriller. 8/10

    “10 Rillington Place”, (Richard Fleischer, UK 1971)
    London, 1949. John Christie is an unassuming, middle-aged man who, along with his wife Ethel, lives in the ground-floor flat at 10 Rillington Place. His demeanor masks the fact of being a serial killer. His modus operandi is to act as a person with a medical background, lure unsuspecting women to his apartment on the pretense of curing them of some ailment, knock them unconscious with carbon monoxyd and then has necrophiliac sexual relation after stranging them… Adapted from true events certainly one of Fleischer’s very best movie and a strong mix of perversion on misery background. Richard Attenborough is amazing as the serial killer. This movie was haunting me since I watched it in may ealy 20’s… I enjoy a lot to watch it again… 9/10

    “Monstrosity” (Joseph V. Mascelli, USA 1964)
    Mrs. March, sadistic, selfish, and rich, uses her aging gigolo boyfriend and renegade scientist Otto Frank, whose illegal experiments she is subsidizing in her Gothic mansion, in a plan to transplant her brain into the body of a young woman. Three foreign domestics: Mexican Anita, British Bea, and Austrian Nina, are hired. Frank's mysterious and unexplained use of radiation can inexplicably transplant brains without surgery. After he puts a cat's brain into Anita and she literally scratches out Bea's eye, Nina becomes the prospective receptacle for Mrs. March's aging but still active libido. Amazing Z grade movie…. A must to see for all fans of this kind of cinema. 3/10 or 10/10 for fans !

    "The Head Mistress" (Byron Mabe, USA 1968)
    This sleazy soft porn is set in the past and it ollows a horny young man who applies to work as the gardener in the local school for female students. The students in this girlschool are very libidinous and they are more than happy that there's finally a vigorous young man there who soon begins to service the school in more than one way. The head mistress of the girlschool is an attractive man-hating tyrant who has a lesbian affair with one of her students. When the student in question becomes accidentally pregnant with the gardener's child, she can't bare the shame and hangs herself. The head mistress finds her, breaks down, caresses her dead body and swears vengeance against the gardener…. A strange nudie with some weird scenes of fetichism, even necrophilia... but on a not very serious way indeed... Furthermore girls are very pretty. For fans only 6/10

    That's all for today...
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    Jacqueline Bisset, Eric Mabius?
    Drama, Romance
    A betrayed wife (Jacqueline Bisset), whose husband leaves her after 25 years, returns to the lake where she first fell in love and begins an affair with the son (Eric Mabius) of her first love.
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    Today's movies...

    "Una farfalla con le ali insanguinate" (aka "The Bloodstained Butterfly") (Duccio Tessari, Italy 1971)
    A girl is murdered in a park. The man is tried and convicted for the crime but afterwards the killings continue. Good plot for this good giallo with a strong documentary style especialy about the scientific police… A goog twisted ending. 8/10

    "Les Poneyttes" (Joël Le Moigné, France 1967)
    At the y è-Yé times the story of the director of a magazine for Teenage girls « The Poneyttes » and his team in the world off showbusiness… You have the presence of some stars of that times Hubert, Rosko, Sylvie Vartan, Johnny Hallyday who sings a couple of rare erd songs, Bruno Coquatrix and others… A curiosity for fans of a lost time only. 5,5/10

    "Biohazard" (Fred Olen Ray, USA 1985)
    Alien monster uses a psychic to try to take over the earth. That’s almost all what you’ll can understand from this ultra Z grade movie, some kind of earthbound ripoff of Alien with zero budget… The only interest is the presence of too soon disappeared busty Angelique Pettyjohn ! 3/10 For Z grad fans 10/10 or more !

    "The English Patient" Anthony Minghella USA/UK 1996)
    Rewatched this one with some pleasure… A good melodrama nicely filmed even if a bit soapy sometimes. 7/10

    A good rainy day...
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    movie quiz forum? i can not upload images, banned
    bad quality, vhs, imdb number of votes: 15
    official dvd? nevetséges hungarian, english: ridiculous, maybe
    baywatch feeling 90s, action, cop story

    • CommentAuthorgattacalg
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    alternative history

    • CommentAuthorRDPL55
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    Movies of the last few days...

    "The Astro-Zombies" (Ted V. Mikels, USA 1968)
    After being fired from the Space Agency, the disgruntled (not to mention crazy) Dr. DeMarco creates an Astroman from a criminal's dead body. However, he loses control of his creation, which goes on a killing spree, attracting the attention of an international spy ring and the CIA. Mikels movies are always great Z grade ones. This one is truly excellent in the genre with insame script and huge casting : Wonderful John Carradine as the mad doctor and gorgeous Tura Satana as the deadly commie spy… And sad to see Wendell Corey finishing his carrier in this movie, he died few tilmes after… 4/10 for fans 10/10 and more !

    "Dracula’s Widow" (Christopher Coppola, USA 1988)
    The young owner of a waxworks in Hollywood receives five instead of six ordered chests with Romanian antiques. He does not know that Vanessa, widow of Count Dracula, sleeps in the sixth chest. She rises in the night and walks around craving for blood. A thief witnessing the murder of his accomplice sets the police on the trail of the waxworks. The grandson of Dr. Van Helsing is is hunting the vampire, too... Sylvia Kristel stars in th Z grade horror movie which is sometimes funny… 5/10

    "Mini-Skirt Love" (Lou Campa, USA 1967)
    Billy is a teenager and enthusiastic photo hobbyist who takes pictures of his mother carrying on with another man, but is too naive to realize his mother is engaging in more than innocent horseplay. When he innocently shows his pictures to Daddy, he unwittingly starts a melee that ends in Daddy's accidental death and Mommy's mental collapse and confinement in a hospital. Enter Aunt Janet, Daddy's sister, to take care of Billy. Supposedly a frigid woman who "can't stand men", Aunt Janet is nevertheless loving and affectionate with young Billy, and when she sees the fatal snapshots, she even takes their relationship to the next level. But can their happy life together survive the return from hospital of a still-disturbed Mommy? Insane and pervertd nudie quite ridiculous also for exemple with the guy who plays Billy almost as old or even older than his daddy ! But enjoyable movie… 6/10

    "Symptoms" (José Ramón Larraz, UK 1974)
    A young woman is invited by her girlfriend, who lives in an English country mansion, to stay there with her. The estate, however, isn't quite what it seems--and neither is the friend who issued the invitation. Excellent even if poorly know horror movie with very slow pace anc few effects but haunting, beautifuly filme and photographed. Angela Pleasence is excellent. A true curiosity… 8,5/10

    "I, Madman" (Tibor Takács, USA 1989)
    Virginia works at a used book store. She's really into horror novels and discovers a really good book. It's called "I, Madman" and it's about an insane doctor who cuts off people's noses, ears, and hair and puts them on his face to please a girl he likes. Only Virginia discovers that the book is nonfiction, and every time she picks up the book to read it, she sees him. The insane doctor from the book has escaped the book into our reality. Quite good for such a B-grade movie a good plot, not badly filmed and acted… a good exploitation of the switches between past and present… 7/10

    that's all for the moment...
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    Movies of the last two days...

    “Def-Con 4” (Paul Donovan, Digby Cook, Tony Randel, Canada 1985)
    Two men and a woman circle the globe in a satellite armed with a nuclear device. The third world war breaks out, and a few months later the satellite crashes. They survive the crash but one man gets killed by survivors and the other man gets caught. The woman stays by the remains of the the satellite but is soon caught by evil punks who have taken power. This Canadian’s Mad-Max is a bit cheap but quite entertaining. 6,5/10

    “Così come sei” (“Stay as You Are”) (Alberto Lattuada, Italy 1978)
    Giulio Marengo, a Roman landscape architect unhappy in his marriage, meets Francesca, a young and beautiful Florentine, and then learns she might be his daughter. He resolves to keep his hands off but can't seem to stay away, and she's eager for a lover who's a father figure. He's happy to be a kid, so he tries to find out who her father is; his wife knows something is up; his daughter, who's Francesca's age and is pregnant, encourages the affair. Another movie about the mature man falling for the young teen on incest background but the couple Mastroianni / Kinsky work very well. 7,5/10

    “Warlords of Atlantis” (Kevin Connor, UK 1978)
    Searching for the lost world of Atlantis, Prof. Aitken, his son Charles and Greg Collinson are betrayed by the crew of their expedition's ship, attracted by the fabulous treasures of Atlantis. The diving bell destroyed, a deep sea monster attacks the boat. They are all dragged to the bottom of the sea where they meet the inhabitants of the lost continent, an advance alien race makes slaves of the ship-wrecked sailors. The aliens want to rule the human world to create a nazi state. (sic). A camps and cheap adventure movie but quite entertaining. 6,5/10

    “Maléfices” (Henri Decoin, France 1962)
    A veterinary surgeon on the French atlantic coast is one day called to cure a leopard… he meets there the owner of the beast, a strange woman recently widowed and coming from Africa to sell the family house she has inherited on a remote island… They fall in love but some strange things begins to happen… A poorly known Henri Decoin movie with a weird story and very nice filming on location at Noirmoutier. 8/10

    That's all for today...
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    Today's movies...

    “Le combat dans l’île“ (Alain Cavalier, France 1962)
    The son of a French industrialist, Clément is a right wing extremist who belongs to a secret militant right wing organization that uses whatever means necessary, including violence, to achieve its goals. His wife Anne, a former German actress who gave up her career to be the doting wife, knows somewhat of his extremist views, and suspects he would indeed kill if need be as witnessed by what she finds hidden in their house. He often treats her poorly, especially out in public as she maintains the façade of her former celebrity, which he believes is her acting like a whore. Regardless, she is compelled to stay in the marriage. After he and a right wing colleague assassinate a Communist figure, that assassination which goes slightly awry, Clément and Anne hide out in the country home of Clément's childhood friend… First effort of Cavalier a cold and terrifying movie on certain aspects and still accurate indeed… Romy Schneider is excellent 8/10

    “The Queen of Spades” (Thorold Dickinson, UK 1949)
    An elderly countess strikes a bargain with the devil and exchanges her soul for the ability to always win at cards. An army officer, who is also a fanatic about cards, murders her for the secret, then finds himself haunted by the woman's spirit. A very nice fantasy tale adapted from Pushkin novel… Very atmospheric movie…. 8/10

    “Las Vegas Serial Killer” (Ray Dennis Steckler, USA 1986)
    August 31, 1986: Dangerously unhinged serial killer Johnathan Glick gets released from the Nevada State Penitentiary on a technicality. Three days after his release Johnathan arrives in Las Vegas, Nevada. Naturally, Johnathan decides to embark on another murderous rampage that came to be known as "The Glitter Gulch Holocaust". Ray Dennis Steckler is one of the kings of Z grade movies (he made some Hard Core porn I d'dn't watched yet), some kind of Ed Wood of the 80’s… This opus don’t escape to rules and is as bad as expected… 2/10 For fans of Z grade moovies certainly a must to see…

    That's all... :)
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    • CommentTimeNov 27th 2016
    Very few movies those last few days... but some !

    “La Storia di Piera” (aka The Story of Piera) (Marco Ferreri, France / Italy / West Germany 1983)
    This erotic drama about the incestuous relationship of a mother and daughter is based on the autobiography of Italian theater actress Piera Degli Esposti. A very strange movie with quite complex characters. Despite a rather scabrous subject a fine depiction of human relationships on incestuous and pervert background. Marcello Mastrioanni is good and the couple Bettina Grühn/ Isabelle Huppert makes an amazing portrait of Piera… 8/10

    “Wadjda” (Haifaa Al-Mansour, Saudi Arabia | Netherlands | Germany | Jordan | United Arab Emirates | USA, 2012)
    An enterprising 10 years old Saudi girl signs on for her school's Koran recitation competition as a way to raise the remaining funds she needs in order to buy the green bicycle that has captured her interest. Despite some plot twist to face an ointernational audience, the whole is quite good with a nice depiction of women’s lives behind the walls and closed doors…Interesting even if no great cinema. 7/10

    “Csend és kiáltás” (aka “Silence and Cry”) (Miklós Jancsó, Hungary 1968)
    István Cserzi, a former soldier of the Red Army has fled to the Great Hungarian Plains and has taken refuge on a farm, which is run by two sympathetic women. Due to the generosity of these women and a former childhood pal, who is now a commandant of the local Royal Gendarme outfit, István is safely hidden from the ever-prying eyes of the secret policemen, who relentlessly roam the countryside searching for ex-Red Army men… Excellent dance of death (the camera of Jancsó!) between the two men under the sight of the women spectators of this deadly fight… 8,5/10

    “Orazi e Curiazi” (aka “Duel of the Champions”) (Ferdinando Baldi, Terence Young Italy | Yugoslavia, 1961)
    A duel takes place in order to put an end to the long and bloody war between the Romans and the Albans. Three valiant brothers are chosen for each side. The Romans choose three brothers: the Orazi. The Albans are represented by the Curiazi. During the fierce and bloody final duel the Romans defeat their opponents.Losely adapted from the famous legend, a cheap sword and sandals movie in which Alan Ladd seems a bit lost… Furthermore he was heavily drinking at that time and will die less than three years after. 6,5/10

    “Giallo in Venezia” (aka “Gore in Venice”) (Mario Landi, Italy 1979)
    In Venice a detective is on the trail of a killer who commits a double murder (a married couple) then more grisly killings occur. Sex, drugs, gore and perversions are ingredients of this sadistic and sleazy giallo. Avery sick, violent, pervert anq quite misogynistic movie but much enjoyable for fans of the genre… 7/10

    “Mumsy, Nanny, Sonny & Girly” (Freddie Francis, UK 1970)
    A wealthy, fatherless British clan kidnaps bums and hippies and forces them to participate in an elaborate role-playing game in which they are the perfect family; those who refuse or attempt escape are ritualistically murdered. Very sic and pervert movie by a specialist of the genre. Nice filming. 6,5/10

    “Jeunes filles impudiques“ (aka “Schoolgirl Hitchhikers“) (Jean Rollin, France 1974)
    Two female hitch-hikers get mixed up with a gang of thieves and their stolen jewelry. For those “alimentary” movies, far from his main work, Jean Rollin uses the pseudonym of Michel Gentil. This is a cheap story but the occasion to watch and appreciate the beauty of one of the most gorgeous girls of the French soft-porn cinema of the 70’, Joëlle Coeur. For fans only. 6/10

    That's all for today !
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    The movies of the week...

    “Sur” (aka “South”) (Fernando E. Solanas, Argentina/France 1988)
    After the end of the military dictatorship in Argentina in 1983, Floreal is released from prison. Instead of returning to his wife, he wanders through the night of Buenos Aires. He meets some people from his past - most of which are only imaginary - and remembers the events of his arrest and imprisonment. Beautiful and moving movie full of tango music… Very good. 9/10

    “Gribouille“ (aka “Heart of Paris”) (Marc Allégret, France 1937)
    The movie features roughly two parts: Michele Morgan stands trial:she has killed by accident her lover, a rich kid whose father wants to avenge.The judge and the jurors seem to have a thing about this "bad " girl whose dad was a deserter and who has already had four lovers.But one of the jurors (Raimu) makes the jury change their mind as new evidences are found. Morgan is released ,but she cannot find a job.So the ex-juror ,who owns a cycle shop ,hires her but his family will ignore who she really is.Of course Raimu's son falls in love with the girl but his soon-to-be brother-in-law has nastier plans about her… "Raimu taught me everything!" Michele Morgan said after working with him fot this movie. And yes, Raimu was an exeptional actor… Even if a bit dated an interesting movie in which Raimu, as Henry Fonda many years later convinces all jurors to innocent the Girl… with an appearance of a very young Bernard Blier… 7,5/10

    “Maciste all'inferno” (aka “Maciste in Hell”) (Riccardo Freda, Italy 1962)
    1630 in Scotlan a Witch is burnt and launch a Curse. One hundred years later Charley Gunt comes back to his castle with his young wife who looks very like the witch… The people from the village want to lynch her but Maciste comes and ssaves her. He then travels to Hell to find athe soul of the witch and make her undo the curse she put on the surface world… Leaving his antics, Maciste is put in XVIIIth century to fight the forces of evil… A camp movie for the great Ricardo Freda, we are far away from I Vampiri… 6,5/10

    “The Love Butcher” (Don Jones, Mikel Angel, USA 1975)
    The twisted tale of the ugly Caleb, the poor gardener and his handsome alter ego Lester. After being pushed around too far, Caleb transforms into Lester and returns to those who have wronged him. Sick and schizophrenic tale of Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde of suburbs gardens… Quite enjoyable for fans of senseless and psychotic violence. 7/10

    529°) “C’est pas moi c’est l’autre“ (Jean Boyer, France 1962)
    Fernand Reynaud plays Gaspard the ringer of... Fernand Reynaud the famous comic actor... The manager of a (bad) roadshow troop decides to hire this amazing ringer but the manager of Fernand Reynaud discovers that the real Fernand Reynaud has disappeared... A quite funny comedy with great Fernad Reynaud, Jean Poiret, Micheline Dax… 7/10

    “Ulzana’s Raid” (Robert Aldrich, USA 1972)
    I presented this excellent western at our cineclub last night. A cruel and hard depiction ot the last indian riot… Burt Lancaster is excellent. The discussion after the movie was excellent and animated… 8,5/10

    “Private Proterty” (Leslie Stevens, USA 1960)
    Duke and Boots, two young thugs, hold up a California gas-station owner. Duke, viral and savage, taunts the slower and psychologically-confused Boots because he has never made a sexual conquest. Duke offers to seduce a woman for Boots and the pair force a passing motorist to pursue a sports car driven by Ann Carlyle, the lustful wife of a insurance-company executive who has some desires of her own not being met by her husband… Like Psycho and Peeping Tom released at the same time, Private Property deals with sexual frustration and deviance but perhaps in a more realistic way thanks to the excellent filming of Stevens, the nice work with the camera of Ted McCord and the two main characters Corey Allen perfect as manipulator and Warren Oates really frightening as a psychopath… Clearly the top of the barrel of B movies… 10/10

    to be continued...
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    the others...

    “Le chemin d'Ernoa“ (aka “Ernoa’s Way“) (René Coiffard, Louis Delluc, France 1921)
    After making fortune in America Etchégor is back in Basque Country and has built a nice big home But he’s boring. A poor girl is in love with him but he only has eyes for the wife of an American living here… But the guy is a thief and must flee to nearby Spain… An early movie of famous French director and writer Louis Delluc. 7/10

    “La verte moisson” (aka “Green Harvest”) (François Villiers, France 1959)
    In 1943, a group of high school students decide to take action against the Nazi occupying forces. Showing courage and imagination, they manage to blow up the Kommandantur and to release hostages. But after the killing of a German soldier the Nazi police apparatus strikes back. The young resisters are arrested and two of them are condemned to death. A fine depiction of an engagement. Just excellent. 9/10

    “Vizi privati, pubbliche virtù“ (aka “Private Vices, Public Virtues“) (Miklós Jancsó, Italy / Yugoslavia 1976)
    Rudolf is a good-natured pan-sexual golden boy, who cavorts on his rural estate with a host of beautiful, aristocratic lovers and friends of both sexes. He refuses to leave his country idyll even though he has been ordered to by the Emperor, his father. An Italian movie for great Miklós Jancsó, The spirits of early works is a bit lost but the art is still there… 7/10.

    “Sergil chez les filles“ (Jacques Daroy, France 1952)
    Inspector Sergil goes head to head with a ruthless gang of drug dealers. The movie is supposed to be set in Marseille but we can barely see some seasides views… The whole is a bit poorly acted and filmed. A French crime B movie. 6/10

    That's all for today...
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    Movies of the last few days...

    “Lauf Junge lauf“ (aka “Run Boy Run”) (Pepe Danquart, Germany | France | Poland, 2013)
    Srulik, an eight-year-old boy, flees from the Warsaw ghetto in 1942. He attempts to survive, at first alone in the forest, and then as a Christian orphan named Jurek. Throughout his ordeal, his Jewish identity is in danger of being lost. The story is based on the bestseller by Uri Orlev. Quite interesting story of what was supiosed to be an impossible survival…. 7,5/10

    “Le père Noël est une ordure“ (Jean-Marie Poiré, France 1982)
    Two neurotics, working for a suicide hotline on the night of Christmas Eve, get caught up in a catastrophe when a pregnant woman, her abusive boyfriend, and a transvestite visit their office. As every year at the same period this excellent classic French comedy is proposed on TV. As usual I watch it and laught a lot. 8,5/10

    “La femme de nulle part“ (aka “The Woman from Nowhere“) (Louis Delluc, France 1922)
    A fifty year old woman, scarred by a life of disillusionment and regret, returns to the place where she lived twenty years before, to rekindle happier memories. She meets a young woman, the daughter of the current owners of the property, who is on the point of abandoning her home – just as she did, all those years ago... This is a nice story about loss and missed opportunities and one of Delluc’s best movie Formaly, the movie gives an early and reccurent use of the falsh-back gives certain modernity to the film. 7,5/10

    “In Cold Blood” (Richard Brooks, USA 1967)
    I rewatched this one with some friends with more and more pleasure each time… Just excellent. But everybody knows it! 10/10

    “La morte accarezza a mezzanotte” (aka “Death Comes at Midnight”) (Luciano Ercoli, Italy / Spain 1972)
    Valentina, a beautiful fashion model, takes an experimental drug as part of a scientific experiment. While influenced by the drug, Valentina has a vision of a young woman being brutally murdered with a viciously spiked glove. It turns out that a woman was killed in exactly the same way not long ago and soon Valentina finds herself stalked by the same killer...A quite good and a bit gory giallo in the classic style with good mind disturbed killer… Nieves Navarro, the Spanish actress is cute. She had a good carreer in Euro-thrash movies of the 70’s… 7,5/10

    That's all for the moment...
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    Movies of the last few days...

    “Out 1, noli me tangere“ (Jacques Rivette, Suzanne Schiffman, France 1971)
    Two marginals who don't know one another stumble into the remnants of a "secret society": Colin, a seemingly deaf-mute who all of a sudden begins to talk and Frederique, a con artist working the "short con". Meanwhile there are two theater groups rehearsing classic Greek dramas: "Seven Against Thebes" and "Prometheus Bound". A member of the Moretti group passes a note to Colin about "The 13" which sends Leaud on a search for "The 13" (referring to a Balzac novel). His search brings him eventually t the shop "L'Angle du Hasard." Owned by Emily. Frederique follows much the same path when she steals a cachet of letters from Etienne and tries to get money from their owners for their return. These twin activities reactivate "The 13" which had been dormant for years, revealing among other things that the two theater groups were once one… A cult movie. Out 1, noli me tangere is a very precise picture of post May '68 malaise after the disillusion and collapse of all the dreams of the revolution… An amazing experiment I made in one complete day of more than 12 hours of cinema… Simply amazing ! 10/10

    “Cap Canaille“ (Juliet Berto, Jean-Henri Roger, France 1983)
    Paula is caught in the world of crime because her father was involved in the drug business, her brother is in the real estate scam, and her lover is an armed thief. A bit dull story (but what’s not dull in Marseille underworld) But all is filmed on location in Marseille in the 80’s… And tht’s the most important (all my youth !) Furthermore a good cast (Juliet Berto, Richard Anconina, Richard Borhinger, Jean-Claude Brialy, Patrick Chesnay, Bernadette Lafond,.. and the presence of famous character actor of franch cinema Andrex… 7/10

    “Come rubare la corona d'Inghilterra“ (aka “The Invincible Superman“) (Sergio Grieco, Italy 1967)
    I rewatched this one on a much better copy and even if the plot is always bad… the image makes it much better 3/10 but for Z fans 10/10 or much more !

    “L‘affaire des poisons“ (aka “The Case of Poisons“) (Henri Decoin France 1955)
    Madame de Montespan, the Maîtresse-en-titre of Louis XIV, has been in disgrace since the King set eyes on a younger beauty, Marie-Angélique Scorailles. Having had enough of the situation, the rejected mistress decides to visit La Voisin, a woman known as a fortune teller, a doctor, a midwife and who is also said to arrange black masses and sell poisons. Some time later Marie-Angélique, now Duchess of Fontanges, dies mysteriously aged only twenty... Nice adaptation of historical Events. Viviane Romance as the "witch" is excellent... 8/10

    “Sirokkó“ (aka “Winter wind“) (Miklós Jancsó, France / Hungary 1969)
    Some Croatians revolutionairs hide in Hungary and prepare the assassination of King (that will take place in Marseille in 1934). One of the leader is Mark,o Lazar who is very active… the leaders of the rebellion even find him too active and decide to make him a martyr… Never before actors have more danced in front of Jancsó’s camera in a sinister ballet of death wonderfully filmed… 8,5/10

    “Avant le deluge“ (aka “Before the Deluge“) (André Cayatte, France 1954)
    Deep in cold-war a group of teen-agers afraid of the developments of Corean War plan to flee to a remote island in the Pacific. To get money they decide,to rob a crooked business man but during the robbery the nightkeeper is murdered… Another strongly enfgaged movie from André Cayatte… Very interesting… 8/10

    Thats all for today...
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    The movies of the last week...

    “Il Gattopardo” (aka “ The Leopard “(Luccino Visconti, France / Italy1963)
    n the 1860s, a dying aristocracy struggles to maintain itself against a harsh Sicilian landscape. The film traces with a slow and deliberate rhythm the waning of the noble home of Fabrizio Corbero, Prince of Salina (the Leopard) and the corresponding rise to eminence of the enormously wealthy ex-peasant Don Calogero Sedara. The prince himself refuses to take active steps to halt the decline of his personal fortunes or to help build a new Sicily but his nephew Tancredi, Prince of Falconeri swims with the tide and assures his own position by marrying Don Calogero's beautiful daughter Angelica. I rewatched with much pleasure this masterpiece… Beautiful filming, great acting (Lancastrer excellent as usual) the 40 minutes bal at the end is amazing cinema experiment… 10/10

    “Le mystère Saint-Val“ (aka “The Saint-Val’s Mystery“)
    An amateur detective is sent to a manor by his uncle to investigate a mysterious death of an healthy man who contracted a bid lifr-insurance… Soon, some other strange death occur… but are things realy wht they seem to be ? Quite funny crime-comedy with Ferandel. 7/10

    “Les fantômes du chapelier“ ("The Hatter's Ghost" ) (Claude Chabrol, France 1982)
    Labbé, a hatter in a French provincial town, leads the life of a respectable citizen but is in fact a serial murderer. The only person to suspect this is his neighbour Kachoudas, an Armenian tailor. After the hatter kills his own wife, he then kills six of her friends to stop them visiting her and prepares to murder a seventh when the intended victim dies naturally. As a substitute, he murders the maid. At the same time, Kachoudas is dying and Labbé confesses his crime to him. Then, after getting drunk he visits his favourite prostitute Berthe and kills her too, being found there in the morning by the police. Qute satirical view of the small town bourgeoisie through the sordid story of serial killer. A ferocious adaptation of Simenon Novel with excellent Michel Serraut. I rewatched it with muche pleasure… 8,5/10

    “Sérénade aux nuages“ (aka “Song of the Clouds“) (André Cayatte, France 1946)
    Sylvio, a successful singer, has found a way to take a peaceful vacation, safe from his female adulators: to travel incognito. He puts up at an old castle whose landlord, Count Fabrice, a ruined nobleman, seeks a hidden treasure. Posing as the nephew of the castle gardener, Sylvio enjoys happy days and even finds the time to fall in love with Gracieuse, the count's daughter. Unfortunately for him, his impresario ends up locating him... The meeting of André Cayatte the engagrd director and the famous French singer gives an classic little romance with some nice songs. 6,5/10

    “J’irai comme un cheval fou“ (aka “I Will Walk Like a Crazy Horse“) (Fernando Arrabal, France 1973)
    When his mother dies, the police want to talk to Aden Rey, but Aden, a guilt-ridden epileptic, has left for the desert. There he comes upon Marvel, a noble savage. Aden, Marvel, and Marvel's goat become companions through travels, a wedding, an examination of Aden's role in his mother's passing, a trial, additional deaths, and various meals. There are also flashbacks to Aden's childhood and his relationship to his mother. Meanwhile, the police step up their efforts to find Aden. Quite surrealistic and disturbing movie. Interresting on many levels even if some could find it offensive… 7,5/10

    "Szerelmem, Elektra" (aka "Electra, My Love") (Miklós Jancsó, Hungary 1974)
    It has been fifteen years since the death of her father, Agamemnon, and Elektra still burns with hatred for Aegisztosz, who conspired with Elektra's mother to kill him. Very beautiful adaptation of the famous myth with strong political involvemtn… 8,5/10

    "Midnite Plowboy" (Bethel Buckalew, USA 1971)
    Junior comes from the country to Hollywood where he soon ends up living in a house full of prostitutes. As payment for his rent, Junior is assigned the task of driving the girls around in a van that doubles as a place to have sex.A quite funny sexy hillbilly comedy… 6/10

    to be continued...
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    "Tropic of Cancer" (Joseph Strick, USA 1970)
    Henry is an ex-pat in Paris, cadging drinks and meals and places to sleep, giving advice about women to clueless men, flirting with the wives of acquaintances, burning bridges, and making philosophical observations. In vignettes we see his wife Mona come to Paris and leave immediately when she tastes Henry's vagabond life; he tries teaching English at a school in Dijon, takes the son of a wealthy Indian to a bordello, gets a job as a proofreader at the Herald Tribune, and helps out a pal who's in and out of an asylum and deeply in love with a whore. Can Henry make his own discovery of ecstasy? Quite interesting adaptation of Miller’s novel… 7,5/10

    "Pièce montée" (Denys Granier-Deferre, France 2010)
    Families gather together for a happy day, the wedding of their children. But it's also the time to reveal all their secrets. Despite the movie is full of clichés, interesting acting by Jean-Pierre Marielle and the last feature movie of Great great french actress Danièle Darrieux who’ll be 100 next 1 of May !!! 6/10

    "Maciste nelle miniere di re Salomone" (aka "Maciste in King Solomon’s Mines") (Piero Regnoli, Italy 1964)
    Maciste is captured and forced to work as a slave in an African mine…. Quite poor sword and sandals movie with ex-Mr Universe Reg Park… 5/10

    "Elle cause plus… elle flingue" (Michel Audiard, France 1972)
    A bunch of oddballs, under the orders of Rosemonde du Bois de la Faisanderie and living in a shanty town in Paris outskirts, liquidate visitors and foreigners thru a special machine… Absurd and sometimes funny crime-comedy with huge cast : Annie Girardot, Bernerd Blier, Jean Carmet and many others… 6,5/10

    "Bons baisers… à lundi" (Michel Audiard, France 1974)
    A troio of poor crooks, take in hostage a (supposed) wealthy impresario and his friends in hostage for a week-end… Barely funny comedy with once more Bernard Blier, Maria Pacome, Jean Carmet… 6/10

    "Vive la France" (Michel Audiard, France 1974)
    A funny review of french history mainly WWII and post war years. Sometimes funny but with strong populist background… 6,5/10

    Thats all for the moment...
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    movies of the last two days...

    “My World Dies Screaming” (Harold Daniels, USA 1958)
    American-born Sheila Wayne has lived in Switzerland since childhood. Now newly married, she has a recurring nightmare about an ominous old house she can't recall having seen in waking life. Returning with husband Philip to Florida, they go to live at a country house...the house in her dream. Mysterious events multiply; who is responsible and why? Who is crazy? The answer is rooted in dark days of the past... Filmed in Psychorama with subliminal pictures during the movie… yes… Otherwise a classic small horror little movie… not bad. 7/10

    “Mil gritos tiene la noche” (aka “Pieces”) (Juan Piquer Simón, Italy / Puerto Rico / Spain / USA 1982)
    While playing with a puzzle, a teenager is repressed by his mother, and he kills her and severs her body with an ax. Forty years later, in an university campus in Boston, a serial killer kills young women and severs their bodies in parts, stealing body pieces from each student. Lt. Bracken makes a deal with the dean of the campus, and infiltrates the agent Mary Riggs as if she were a tennis teacher and together with the student Kendall, they try to find the identity of the killer. Ultra gory slasher but enjoyable… 7/10

    “Minuit… Quai de Bercy“ (aka “Midnight... Quai de Bercy“) (Christian Stengel, France 1953)
    No sooner has she moved into her new apartment than Irene Cazenave, the widow of a well-known police detective, is asked by a colleague of her late husband, inspector Brénot, to assist him in a criminal investigation. Indeed, the caretaker of the block in which she lives, a provocative lady all the female tenants distrusted and all the males craved, has just been murdered. A classic French crime movie with nice plot and casting : Madeleine Robinson, Erich von Stroheim, Francis Blanche, Jean Carmet… 7/10

    “Breakheart Pass“ (Tom Gries, USA 1975)
    When a military outpost is struck with a severe outbreak of diphtheria, the authorities send a train loaded with medical supplies and replacement soldiers. As the train is on its way however, a passenger is murdered. And then two passengers; then the entire human cargo of several cars. John Deakin, a man under arrest and being transported to custody, does some digging to find out the reason for the carnage. Quite good western with nice filming and Bronson cooler as usual… 8/10

    That's all for tonight...
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    • CommentTimeDec 26th 2016
    Movies of the last few days...

    “The Ugly Truth” (Robert Luketic, USA 2009)
    In Sacramento, Abby Richter produces a morning news show that's about to be canceled. To boost ratings, her boss hires Mike Chadway, a local cable call-in host who promotes the ugly truth: sex is the only glue in a relationship, men can't change, and they only respond to women's looks. Mike offends Abby's sensibility: she has a checklist about the perfect man, and she's found him in her new neighbor, Colin, a hunky doctor. Mike offers to help her reel in Colin if she'll work with Mike on the show; she accepts the deal, ratings go up, and, with Mike's help, so does Colin's interest in her…. Another sadly conventional romantic comedy… with Katherine Heigl some kind of specialist of such movies… 3,5/10

    “La nuit des traqués“ (Bernard-Roland Belgium/France 1959)
    A crooked guy try to dominate a gang of young hells angels. But during a fight the thief is killed… all the friends promise silence but soon the young killer is blackmailed… the blackmailer want to have sexual relation with his girlfriend otherwise he will tell all the story to the police… Set in Antwerpen, this little crime movie is not as bad as expected even if a bit dated mainly thanks to nice atmospheric filming on location in Antwerpen… 7/10

    “Assassins et Voleurs“ (Sacha Guitry, France 1957)
    A burglar is surprised by his victim who indeed ask him to murder him. The victim now explain how is arrived to this fatal decision… But things are not always what they seem. Ferocious crime comedy with lot of salacious and satirical dialogs as Guitry know to do it. Also the first meeting of Jean Poret and Michel Serrault. 8/10

    “Un revenant“ (Christian-Jaque, France 1946)
    A ballet producer returns to his native town and schemes to avenge himself on the family who tried to murder him 20 years before. Christian-Jaque is a much under-rated director and he once màore prove it in this cruel sory and satyre about bourgeoisie… Louis ouvet is amzing and nice views of Lyon… 8,5/10

    “Compartiment tueurs“ (Costa-Gavras, France 1967)
    Six people travel in a railroad sleeping car from Marseilles to Paris. Upon their arrival, a woman is found dead in one of the berths. The police investigate the other five passengers, suspecting that one of them committed the homicide, but the suspects are killed one by one. The last two must solve the case themselves before they become the next victims. Adapted from a Japrisot novel an excellent crime movie with huge casting… A good beginning for Costa-Gavras 9/10

    “Escort Girls“ (Donovan Winter, UK 1974)
    It is Christmas Eve in London, and various lonely men and women turn to male and female escorts for company. Despite the title there are also escirt-boys in this curious movie. It’s almost the antithesis of the usual stuff of this time a very dull and sad nudy and a diusturbing movie about loneliness wich is never so strong than in such events as Christmas eve. Here the characters are not sympathetic, not very handsome neighter beautiful, girls are quite aged for this kind of movies, at leas not the standards you could expect. Even sex scenes are sad. Indeed a quite good movie. 8/10

    “The Black Gestapo“ (Lee Frost, USA 1975)
    General Ahmed has started an inner-city People's Army to try and relieve the misery of the citizens of Watts. When the locals are put under increasing pressure by Mafia thugs, Ahmed's second-in-command Colonel Kojah asks for permission to start a protection squad to take more direct action. Ahmed fears this protection squad will just turn into a vigilante mob, and his prediction soon proves correct. Will Ahmed be able to wrest control back from the power-mad Kojah, or will he be the mob's next victim? Pure gilty pleasure, yes it’s bad but you’ll enjoy a lot watching it !! 3/10 or 8/10 depending your mood and approach… :)

    that's all for the moment...
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    • CommentTimeDec 31st 2016
    Movies of the last days of 2016...

    “How to Train Your Dragon” (Dean DeBlois, Chris Sanders, USA 2010)
    A hapless young Viking who aspires to hunt dragons becomes the unlikely friend of a young dragon himself, and learns there may be more to the creatures than he assumed…. If you’re under 10 years old you may enjoy this movie otherwise you’ll skip it. To old to give a note…

    “Kun-Fu Panda 2“ (Jennifer Yuh Nelson, USA 2011)
    Po and his friends fight to stop a peacock villain from conquering China with a deadly new weapon, but first the Dragon Warrior must come to terms with his past. Perhaps if you’re mless than 10 you’ll enjoy but I’m not really sure… Too old to give a note to such stuff…

    “Rivelazioni di un maniaco sessuale al capo della squadra mobile” / “So Sweet, So Dead” (Roberto Bianchi Montero, Italy 1972)
    Inspector Capuana investigates serial murders where the victims of unfaithful wives were get killed as they were having sex with their husbands. A naked woman is found murdered and mutilated in a prosperous small province town in Southern Italy. But who is murdering her? After a while, the killer who wears black fedora, gloves, and trench coat starts photographing unfaithful wives as they start having sex with their lovers and also killing them. Despite it’s title a quite classic giallo but with a strange and quite interesting ending… 7/10

    “A Woman for All Men” (Arthur Marks, USA 1975)
    Irascible and domineering millionaire Walter McCoy marries the beautiful, but shady and duplicitous Karen Petrie. Walter's son Steve automatically becomes smitten with Karen while both Walter's daughter Cynthia and loyal housekeeper Sarah suspect that something is up. This provokes a tangled web of deception, infidelity, and even murder. Quite interesting mix of nudie and crime movie. 7/10

    “Banzaï” (Claude Zidi, France 1983)
    Michel works there manically solving people's problems over the phone. He is about to tie the knot with his girl friend Isabelle an airline hostess. She flies all over the world, he hates to leave the office. A series of madcap mishaps involving theft or injury ensues after Michel promises Isabelle nothing will delay their marriage and she promises in turn that she's done flying. Once this unlikely promise is made, it becomes premise and both are forced into escalating white lies to maintain the appearance of keeping their word. Their predicament mounts as Isabelle is forced to do a few more flights, while Michel is compelled to travel to New York, Tunisia, and finally Hong Kong, where they are finally reunited in the throes of a contrived and hilarious drug deal involving a 747, water taxi chases, and martial arts. I rewatched with fun the typical french comedy ot those decades… Woith great and missed Coluche… 7,5/10

    to be continued...
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    • CommentTimeDec 31st 2016
    “Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens” (J.J. Abrams, USA 2015)
    Three decades after the defeat of the Galactic Empire, a new threat arises. The First Order attempts to rule the galaxy and only a ragtag group of heroes can stop them, along with the help of the Resistance. I watched the first movie in 1977 it was 39 years ago… and now this remake of episode IV… a sad remake some plans and sequences are almost identical… Of course they’ll call it an homage, a good expression for lack of imagination and money-making. Of course it’s still visualy amazing and the tremendous action maintain the spectator addicted to the screen (that’s the only ything those movies still can do) but nothing left few minutes after the end of the movie only. Capitalizing on old times and characters to make money is not fair, but what expect more from Disney ? Nothing I supose… except the next episode… 4/10
    582°) “Hail, Caesar!” (Ethan Coen, Joel Coen, UK/USA/Japan, 2016)
    Hail Caesar! Follows a day in the life of Eddie Mannix, a Hollywood fixer for Capitol Pictures in the 1950s, who cleans up and solves problems for big names and stars in the industry. But when studio star Baird Whitlock disappears, Mannix has to deal with more than just the fix. What a wonderful idea, exactly the movie I was waiting : the Cohen brothers once more exploring the Hollywood business of the golden age… But I’m a bit disappointed… the atmosphere is there, the actors are quite good but something is missing to unit the whole… to create something… a certain waste of potential. I love most of Choen brothers movie but this one is a bit disappointing. 6,5/10

    “Plus ça va, moins ça va“ (Michel Vianey, France/Spain, 1977)
    Southern France Two racists, dumb, sexist cops (Jean-Pierre Marielle and Jean Carmet, very good) investigate on a vicious sexual murder. THey accuse an arab worker but even if he has an alibi they keep him in jail. Hes then escapes and all the racist of the area are after him… On the other hand their investigation leads them to the house of a rich businessman and an cinema producer surrounded by lot of pretty gals… A typical post-68 movie near to Dupon-Lajoie for the thema. Quite interesting even if a bit clichéd, but people like that are few more than living clichés… A negaticve point is that other characters are few developed for example the old actor played by Louis Jourdan or the producer played by Mort Shuman (Yes!) who composed also the music.. 7/10

    “Les assassins du dimanche“ (aka “Every Second Counts“) (Alex Joffé, France 1956)
    Robert a garage owner, has spent all night on fixing in due time a car completely wrecked in a crash by its careless speed-crazy driver. Upset by this event and by the coming cycle race where he is a favorite, he miss the German patrons who are back to take their car… A curious movie mixing comedy and suspense… A typical French movie of lost times and lost places, little villages, little people… 7/10

    to be continued...
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    “The Roommates” (Arthur Marks, USA 1973)
    Heather, Beth, Carla, Brea, and Heather's cousin Paula are five lovely young ladies who decide to spend their summer vacation at Lake Arrowhead. While at Lake Arrowhead the women hit the party circuit and get involved with various men in the area. However, things go awry when the gals find themselves the targets of a mysterious murderer. A curious mix of of light-hearted romances and slasher movie. The result is not as bad as expected… 6,5/10

    “Sessomatto” (aka How Funny Can Sex Be?) (Dino Risi, Italy 1973)
    Through 9 sketches the exploration of mad sex in the 70’s in Italy ! A servant is in love with his mistress, a young guy is in love with an eldery woman and leave his gorgeous wife, a couple only find pleasure in violence, a sperm donor fantasise about a nun,…. And many others ! Quite funny sometimes… 7,5/10

    “Creed” (Ryan Coogler, USA 2015)
    The former World Heavyweight Champion Rocky Balboa serves as a trainer and mentor to Adonis Johnson, the son of his late friend and former rival Apollo Creed. Highly predictable seventh Rocky movie, but almost a constant in this franchise… 5,5/10

    “Fièvre” (Louis Delluc, France 1921)
    Rewatched this great silence movie… Marseille in the 20’s… 7,5/10

    “Les fanatiques“ (Alex Joffé, France/Italy, 1957)
    A revolution breaks out in a South American country while its cruel dictator is on a trip to France. The rebels have made careful plans to blow up the dictator's private plane as he returns, but at the last second he changes plans and travels on a commercial flight. The rebels then must make a difficult decision: they must either blow up a flight filled with innocent passengers, or else allow the dictator to return home and take brutal reprisals against the leaders of the uprising…. But the dictator die of an heart attack during the flight… Qiuite ahead from its time this can de seen as a prequel of other plane movies…. as Zero Hour! released the same year…. A movie and a director to discover. 7,5/10

    “Andromina: The Pleasure Planet” (Darren Moloney, USA 1999)
    Disappointed that Andromina, the pleasure planet, has fallen on hard times, three men travel to a planet for women only to recruit females to bring back to the planet. Ultra bad and sexist movie but the girls are very well siliconed and pretty hot… 2/10

    “Rozstanie” (aka “Goodbye to the Past”) (Wojciech Has, Poland 1961)
    A middle-aged actress comes back to her hometown for her grandfather's funeral after many years of absence. Nothing is the same as it used to be - the places and the people are not familiar to her anymore. Fine depiction of time passing by and the difficulties to live in the souvenirs… Quite great atmosphere in this very moody movie. Excellent… 9/10

    "Un linceul n’a pas de poches" (aka "No Pockets in a Shroud") (Jean-Pierre Mocky, France 1974)
    Michel Dolannes resigns from a major newspaper as a journalist to launch a new journal 'Le Cosmopolite' which reveals all kinds of shady deals. Loosely adapted from the époymous novel of Horace MacCoy a ferocious movie as only Mocky can do it… Good. 8/10

    That was the last ones for 2016… ! 592 movies ! Not a bad year indeed… Wish to watch as many in 2017 !

    All the best to all of you for 2017 !!
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    • CommentTimeJan 3rd 2017
    Let's begin 2017 with some little movies....

    "Les bidasses en folie" (aka "The Five Crazy Boys") (Claude Zidi, France 1971)
    Some friends want to be famous and found a country music band and make some concerts… but they are called under the flags and they’ll try everything to get fired from the army… A typical French comedy with the famous band Les Charlots… for fans 6,5/10

    "Landru" (Claude Chabrol, France/Italy 1963)
    France, WWI. Landru, the father of four children, contacts Parisian women through newspaper ads, seduces and eventually kills them. Certainly the most faithfull adaptation of the story of the famous French serial killer of WWI…. WWII will have his sinister double with the sinister Dr. Petioit… A quite good movie with bunch of famous actress to murder… 7,5/10

    "Les aventures de Rabbi Jacob" (aka "The Mad Adventures of Rabbi Jacob) (Gérard Oury, France 1973)
    A bigoted Frenchman finds himself forced to impersonate a popular rabbi while on the run from a group of assassins - and the police. I rewatched this classic French comedy once more… Certainly the one of the best Louis de Funèse effort… just good. 8,5/10

    "Soleil noir" (aka "Black Sun") (Denys de La Patellière, France/Italy, 1966)
    A young girl goes to Africa to find her lost brother living among sordid people but finds true love with a disqualified pilot. Michèle Mezrcier was the great heroin of the famous Angélique série… There she’s once more a v ery courageous and strong girl in a difficult mission. Despite some plot holes the whole is armless and entertaining with some nice filming on location in the desert… 7/10

    "Un homme et une femme" (aka "A Man and a Woman") (Claude Lelouch, France 1966)
    A man and a woman meet by accident on a Sunday evening at their childrens' boarding school. Slowly they reveal themselves to each other, finding that each is a widow/widower. Each is slow to reveal anything personal so that each revelation is hidden by a misperception. They become friends, then close friends, and then she reveals that she can't have a lover because, for her, her husband's memory is still too strong. Much of the film is told wordlessly in action, or through hearing one of their thoughts as they go about their day. I rewatched this one with true pleasure. I’m not a Lelouch’s great fan but this one is very good. 9/10

    "La bonne année" (aka "Happy New Year") (Claude Lelouch, France 1973)
    Released from prison apparently under a New Year amnesty, a criminal tries to pick up the threads of a life changed not only by his daring plan to rob a jewellers in out-of-season Cannes but by someone special he met there. Curious mix of crime movie and romance as only Lelouch know s and can do it. But quite interesting movie indeed. 8/10

    "The Bees" (Alfredo Zacarías, Mexico 1978)
    Corporate smuggling of South American killer bees into the United States results in huge swarms terrorizing the northern hemisphere. A small team of scientists work desperately to destroy the threat, but the bees soon mutate into a super-intelligent species that threatens the world. Yeah it’s bad but true guilty pleasure and JohnSaxon and John Carradine in the same movie is a must to see… 3/10 but 10/10 for Z grade fans…

    that's a good beginning...
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    • CommentTimeJan 6th 2017
    Movies of the last two days...

    "Le diable et les 10 commendements" (aka “The Devil and the Ten Commandments”) (Julien Duvvier, France/Italy 1962)
    A sketch movie from Duvivier : 1) Jerôme Chambard, a retired man, taken in by nuns in a convent, swears like a trooper. 2) Françoise takes a lover because he has promised her a diamond necklace. 3) Denis, a seminarist, decides to renounce his vows to avenge his sister. 4) God in person lands at a remote farm and works miracles there. 5) Pierre learns that his mother is not his mother, but a famous actress. 6) Didier, a bank clerk, teams up with a bank thief after being fired by the manager 7) Jerôme Chambard is invited to Sunday lunch by his friend the bishop and by dint of drinking to their friendship the holy man cannot remember the ten commandments anymore. Even if it’s a comedy, Duvivier pessimism is behind every story… Huge casting too with Michel Simon, Alain Delon, Danièle Darieux and Fernandel as…; God himself… A curiosity. 8/10

    "La morte cammina con i tacchi alti" (Luciano Ercoli, Italy 1971)
    A famed jewel thief named Rochard is slashed to death on a train. His daughter Nicole, a famous nightclub performer in Paris, is questioned by the police about some missing diamonds but she claims to know nothing about this. Nicole is then terrorized by a masked man with piercing blue eyes who demands to know where her father has hidden the stolen diamonds. Suspecting that her jealous boyfriend Michel may be the man who is harassing her, Nicole and her new-found friend Dr. Robert Matthews escape to England and apparant safety. But the killer will strike again... A classic giallo not bad at all… 7/10

    "Salomè" (Carmelo Bene, Italy 1972)
    Salome is the daughter of the second wife of King Herod. The King is infatuated with her and after she fails to seduce the prophet John The Baptist she dances for the King in order to ask for his execution. A complet re-telling of the biblical story in a pure, Psychedelic way and qwith an ultra speed and tremendous editing ,that lets you no second of respite… an experiment… 8/10

    "Verführung am Meer" (Jovan Zivanovic, West Germany / Yugoslavia 1963)
    A young German man flees from an unhappy marriage to live on an island in the Adriatic Sea off the Yugoslavian coast. His mother attempts to hire a young girl to bring him back to German. At first she plays the game but then… Quite very nicely filmed on the Croatian coast by a poorly known but excellent Yugoslavian director… Elke Sommer is gorgeous and Peter van Eyck quite good… 8/10

    That's all for today...
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    Movies of the last three days...

    “To prosopo tis Medousas” (aka “Vortex”) (Nikos Koundouros, Greece, 1967)
    On a deserted Greek island a number of men are leaded by an attractive female who, like a medusa or spider, devours any male without inhibition. Very nice movie with complex natrative with flashbacks and film in the film actions… quite strange and haunting… Hara Angelousi as the girl is beautifull and fatale… 8,5/10

    “964 Pinocchio” (Shozin Fukui, Japan 1991)
    Pinocchio 964, lobotomised cyborg sex slave, is thrown out onto the street by his owners because of his inability to maintain an erection. He is befriended by a criminally insane, memory-wiped, homeless girl. Meanwhile, the corporate entity who manufactured and sold him plots to kill him because of his malfunction. A typical cyberpunk movie and as most movies of the genre it’s bad… even ridiculous at some moments… unfortunately even not laughtable… a true So Bad that it’s.. Just Bad. 1,5/10

    “Atoll K” (aka “Utopia”) (Léo Joannon, John Berry, Alfred J. Goulding, Tim Whelan, France /Italy 1951)
    Heading for a newly inherited island, the boys are shipwrecked and marooned on an atoll which has just emerged from the sea. Along with their cook, a stowaway and a girl who is fleeing her fiancé, they set up their own government on the atoll. Uranium is discovered and world powers begin fighting over ownership of the island. The last movie of Laurel & Hardy… if not the best not the worst at all as some consider it… Furthermore the message of the movie is quite good with the tolerance as the main result of anarchy ! Quite enjoyable ! 7/10

    “The Mountain” (Edward Dmytryk, USA 1956)
    When a plane crashes on a mountaintop Chris wants to plunder the wreckage. His older brother Zachary has given up mountain guide work but goes along rather than letting his brother risk it alone. The only survivor is a Hindu girl who Chris wants to kill. Zachary fights him off. While Chris steals from the dead passengers, Zachary prepares a sled to take the girl down the mountain. Adapted frome the famous novel of Hanry Troyat and inspired by true events. A nice story nicely filmed partly on location in the Mont-Blanc area, even if the end is a bit different and less sad than the original story (it’s Hollywood you know…) 8,5/10

    “Nightmare Sisters” (David DeCoteau, USA 1988)
    Melody, Marci, and Mickey are three geeky college girls who can't get a date. One night, they invite some geeky college guys over and have a seance that results in the girls becoming possessed and turning into sex starved vamps. Will the geek hero guys be able to stop the horrible (?) possession? David DeCoteau is definitively the Ed Wood of modern times… I love his movies…. 2/10 (for Z fans 10/10)

    “La sorcière” (aka “The Blonde Witch”) (André Michel, France/Sweden, 1956)
    Brulard, a French civil engineer on assignment in Sweden for a lumber company meets Ina, a local nature-girl type, falls in love, has an affair, tries to convert her to "civilization", but ends up getting her killed by superstitious villagers instead. Adapted from the novel of Russian writer Aleksandr Kuprin it’s set in Sweden in a wild country of forests… and superstition. Beautifully filùmed and acted by wonderful Marina Vladi who’s perfect in the role of the nature-girl… 8,5/10

    "Airport" (George Seaton, Henry Hathaway, USA 1970)
    This precursor to later "epic" 70's disaster films illustrates 12 hours in the lives of the personnel and passengers at the "Lincoln Airport." Endless problems, professional and personal, are thrown at the various personnel responsible for the safe and proper administration of air traffic, airline management and aviation at a major US airport. Take one severe snowstorm, add multiple schedules gone awry, one elderly Trans Global Airlines stowaway, shortages, an aging, meretricious pilot, unreasonable, peevish spouses, manpower issues, fuel problems, frozen runways and equipment malfunctions and you get just a sample of the obstacles faced by weary, disgruntled personnel and passengers at the Lincoln Airport. Toss in one long-suffering pilot's wife, several stubborn men, office politics and romance and one passenger with a bomb. I rewatched this one with solme pleasure eve”n if the Advertizing for Boeing is a bit “heavy”… 7,5/10

    That's all for the week-end !
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    • CommentTimeJan 15th 2017
    Movies of the week...

    “Ôgon batto” (aka “The Golden Bat”) (Hajime Satô, Japn 1967)
    A teenage boy discovers that the planet Icarus is on a collision course with Earth by gazing through his telescope. Scoffed at by the scientific establishment, the boy is kidnapped and brought to a secret UN base in the Japanese alps. He is immediately inducted into the secret program whose mission is to finish the Super-Destruction Beam cannon and destroy Icarus. The cannon is missing a special mineral for the lens. The team heads for a mysterious island in the middle of the Pacific. There they find ancient ruins of Atlantis but they are suddenly attacked by a strange drill shaped metal squid spaceship. It's commanded by the evil Nazu who has engineered the collision with Icarus! He doesn't want to share the universe with humans and he really doesn't want the cannon finished. The action is on and the team discovers the Golden Bat who has been asleep for over 10,000 years awaiting this very moment to save the earth! Wonderful and Amazing non-sense movie ! With great Sonny Shiba ! Pure guilty entertainment !! 8/10

    “My Tutor” (George Bowers, USA 1983)
    High school senior Bobby Chrystal fails his French class, which will block him from entering Yale. His rich, authoritarian father hires an attractive 29-year-old to tutor Bobby over the summer and help him pass a make-up exam. While Bobby's friends lead him away into strange excursions aimed at losing their virginities, Bobby finds all the extracurricular activities he needs with his new tutor. Yeah? It’s pretty lame bt so typicaly 80’s… if you love the kitsch of the period this one is for you… 4,5/10

    “Savage Weekend” (David Paulsen, John Mason Kirby, USA 1979)
    Several couples head upstate to the country to watch a boat being built. Unfortunately they are stalked by a murderer behind a ghoulish mask. A poor Redneck movie indeed… Of course it’s a Cannon production so don’t expect that much… 5/10

    “322” (Dusan Hanák, Czechoslovakia 1969)
    Lauko patient number 322… Diagnostic : Cancer. Lauko is a cook and must now stop working. Not knowing exactly from what he’s suffering he gesses his death is near and has a new look on the surrounding world. The Slovakia of the 60’s, his ex-wife Marta always eager of love, his collegue Cilka newly engaged ans brutally abandoned, a young man in search of freedom… A double look on the illness of a man and also of a society.. Excellent. 8,5/10

    “The Balcony” (Joseph Strick, USA 1963)
    Shelley Winters is the madame of a house where customers play out their erotic fantasies, oblivious to a revolution which is sweeping the country. When her old friend, the chief of police (Peter Falk), asks her to impersonate the missing queen in order to reassure the people and halt the revolution, she offers instead three of her customers to play the general, bishop and chief justice, all of whom have died in the revolution. Ahead of it’s time the movie is adapted from Jean Genet’s best play… A cruel vison of nationalism, politics, patriotism, populism… and a real question : are sex and perversion the true power ? Shelley Winters and Peter Falk are awesome… 8,5/10

    “Dossier Prostitution“ (Jean-Claude Roy, France 1970)
    A fake documentary (but more serious than a Moondo Movie) about prostitution along ages, the different types of girls, the clients, and so on… A bit dated even and clichéd and it’s not a low-budget production. A curiosity indeed. 6,5/10

    to be continued...
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    • CommentTimeJan 15th 2017
    the others...

    “Bestialità“ (aka “Dog Lay Afternoon”) (George Eastman, Peter Skerl, Italy 1976)
    A young girl witnesses her mother having sex with the family dog. When her father finds out, he burns the dog alive. She is so traumatized by these incidents that she later turns into a nymphomaniac. She moves to an island and lives there with her own dog, having sex with various guests who visit her. Ultra weird movie deling with zoophilia but most likely turns into a more or mless classic love triangle and triolism… Quite interesting and nicely filmed…A pure euro-thrash exploitation movie of the 70’s. (don’t let you influence by IMDb’s low note) 7/10

    “Santo y Blue Demon contra el doctor Frankenstein“ (aka “Santo & Blue Deamon vs. Dr. Frankenstein“) (Miguel M. Delgado, Mexico 1974)
    El Santo and Blue Demon team up with a couple of detectives to stop the grandson of Dr Frankenstein from conducting fiendish brain transplant experiments. As usual the movie is excellent and simply delirious… Simply magic ! 5/10 for fans this excellent episode deserves a glorious 8/10…

    “St. Pauli zwischen Nacht und Morgen” (aka “St. Pauli Between Night and Morning”) (José Bénazéraf, West Gernamy/France 1967)
    Helmut Schmidt (sic!) is a swiss inspector in mission in Hamburg… He fall in love for a Arlette, a French prostitute and then infildtrate a dangerous gans of thugs… José Benaéraf bring a dark crime moive beautifully filmed on location in the hot Sankt Pauli district… Good 7,5/10

    “A zsarnok szíve, avagy Boccaccio Magyarországon” (aka “The Heart of the Tyran”) (Miklós Jancsó, Hungary/Italy 1977)
    A historical drama set in the 1400s, about a young man sent to Italy but is forced back after his father's mysterious death. A wonderful fusion of Jancsó’s art of filming and comedia dell’arte in a tragic game of power and death… Excellent. 8/10

    “Vanessa” (Hubert Frank, West Germany 1977)
    Famous Olivia Pascal stars as Vanessa who was raised in a convent after the death of her parents. Due to an inheritance she travels to Hong Kong to find out the inheritance is a chain of bordellos. She soon has trouble coping with her inheritance as she is thrust into her new world of carnal delights. Classic erotic movie with gorgeous Olivia Pascal… 6/10

    “I... comme Icare“ (aka “I like Icarus“) (Henri Verneuil, France 1979)
    After the recently re-elected President of a fictitious state has been assassinated, one of the members of the investigation committee refuses to sign the final report and is given the task of investigating once more. In the course of his search he finds evidence that casts serious doubt on the committee's "lone-gunman" theory... A very bold film that basically told the "JFK" story thinly disguised as having taken place not in the US. The movie sounds very similar to a Costa Gavras one and is fully fulfilled with the theory of conspiracy… pregnant at that time… Veru good even if noy esqualing the model. 8,5/10

    that's all for the moment...
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    • CommentTimeJan 22nd 2017
    As every years we organized our "Festival des Maudits Films" It was the occasion to watch some weird and less known movies on the silver screen and in glorious 35 mm... I found time to watch some...

    “Return of the Living Dead” (Dan O'Bannon, USA 1985)
    When two bumbling employees at a medical supply warehouse accidentally release a deadly gas into the air, the vapors cause the dead to rise again as zombies. For the opening of the ninth Festival des Maudits Films we proposed this excellent cult zombie movie. Very well made and hilarious… It was fun to watch it on screan in glorious 35 mm dubbed version… 8/10

    “The Land That Time Forgot” (Kevin Connor, UK/USA 1974)
    After a German U-Boat sinks their ship, several survivors manage to take control of the boat. Bowen Tyler is the son of an American shipbuilder and Captain Bradley an experienced seaman. After several tussles with the German crew, they find themselves on a strange island. There they find a place where several stages of Earth's evolution co-exist at the same time. As a result several types of humans are found as well as prehistoric dinosaurs. There are also active volcanoes which all add up to a challenge to survive. We proposed this movie at our festival and people enjoyed a lot this adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs’s novel full of camp and kitsch. 7,5/10

    “Don't Bother to Knock” (Roy Ward Baker, USA 1952)
    Airline pilot Jed stays at the New York hotel where girlfriend Lyn is a singer. He sees Nell in a window opposite his and they get chummy. When the girl she's baby-sitting, Bunny, enters Nell goes crazy and sends her to her room. She fantasizes that Jed is her long lost fiance. Jed comes to realize that Nell is more than a little whacko. Richard Widmark as the good guy and Marilyn as a psychopath in her first lead performance it’s not usual stuff there. Add a young Anne Bancroft excellent and you have this nice movie which doesn’t have a good reception at its’ time… This was the second feature of our festival tonite… Three more tomorrow… 8/10

    Tonite we continued our festival with three movies… and first but not least “Horror Hospital” (Antony Balch, UK 1973) in wich Jason, a member of a 1960's pop group, decides he needs a break at a country retreat. On the train he meets Judy, niece of Aunt Harris who owns the place with her husband Dr Storm and who are using the guests for surgical mind-control experiments. So while Jason and Judy are pretty quickly making out, they are just as quickly working out how to get away. Weird and atmospheric horror movie sometimes almost surrealistic… a true curiosity by a too soon dead director… 8/10

    “The Hitcher” (Robert Harmon, USA 1986)
    A young man who escaped the clutches of a murderous hitch-hiker is subsequently stalked by the hitcher and framed for his crimes. Quite good movie even if not very “Maudits” film (it was a small blockbuster at its’ time) and despite some plotholes and improbable twists… Rutger Hauer is terrifying… 7/10

    “Dirty Mary Crazy Larry” (John Hough, USA 1974)
    Larry and Deke are a small time car racing duo who rob a grocery store, and plan to use the proceeds to buy an expensive race car in order to win more races and break in to the professional NASCAR circuit. Their escape with the loot does not go as smoothly as planned when Larry's one night stand, Mary, tags along for the ride. One step ahead of an obsessed Sheriff, they manage to evade several police cruisers, a high-performance police interceptor, and even a helicopter, in their 1969 Dodge Charger. Surfing on the success of previous road movies like Easy Rider or the wonderful Vanishing Point, John Hough gives us a good little movie even if its doesn’t reach the level of ts’ two ancesters (far from that!)… 7/10

    to be continued...
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    • CommentTimeJan 22nd 2017
    “Q” (Larry Cohen, USA 1982)
    NYPD detectives Shepard and Powell are working on a bizarre case of a ritualistic Aztec murder. Meanwhile, something big is attacking people of New York and only greedy small time crook Jimmy Quinn knows where its lair is. We proposed this movie in our festival iun glorious 35 mm print and with a truly pathetic French dubbed version which transform the movie in a true comedy ! Everybody laugh a lot ! 7/10

    “Faccia a Faccia” (Sergio Sollima, 1967 Italy)
    History Professor Brad Fletcher heads west for his health, but falls in with Soloman Bennett's outlaw gang. Fascinated by their way of life, Fletcher finally takes over the gang, leading with a new 'efficient' ruthlessness. We enjoyed a lot this movie in a hard to find 35 mm copy… Tomas Milian and Gian Maria Volonté are just great. 8/10

    “Il grande racket” (aka The Big Racket) (Enzo G. Castellari Italy 19776)
    Nico Palmieri is a police inspector who battles against hoodlums terrorising a sleepy Italian village, extorting cash from the locals. Fabio Testi in a role very similar to Bronson’s ones in the same period… Quite violent and entertaining… 8/10

    “Tobor the Great” (Lee Sholem, USA 1954)
    As projected here, a thinly-disguised NASA, working with nuclear rockets, is ready for manned flights in the mid-fifties...but Dr. Ralph Harrison doesn't think so, and resigns in protest. Colleague Prof. Nordstrom promptly enlists his aid in developing an alternative robot Spaceman! Naturally, foreign spies are keenly interested... Uses documentary footage of early space research. Ultra camp and kitch movie made before the success of Forbidden planet…and certainly not without influence on it… 7/10

    Thats all for this year... Rendez-vous next year for the 10th edition !!!
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    • CommentTimeJan 22nd 2017
    some other movies I watched this week...

    "Fear City" (Abel Ferrara, USA 1986)
    In New York City, a psycho killer is stalking and randomly slashing and killing strippers working in various nightclubs. Matt Rossi is a former boxer trying to escape his past whom is currently employed at a talent agency which caters exotic dancers to the mafia-controlled strip clubs all over Manhattan. Matt and his business partner, Nicky, are relentlessly dogged by Al Wheeler, a persistent police detective on the case of the murdered strippers, and hoping to find something to nail both Matt and Nicky on. Matt is trying to reconcile with his former flame, Loretta, whom also works as a dancer and has a off-again, on-again drug problem. With the police constantly hounding them, and under pressure from his mob boss and other bosses to do something, Matt must somehow face his inner demons to find the killer before he strikes again. Pure thriller of the 80’s (full clichéd and predictable) with a young an a bit nude Melanie Griffith… By the way it’s quite entertaining but wthout any surprise. 7/10

    “Bezeten - Het gat in de muur“ (aka “Obsessions“) (Pim de la Parra, Netherlands/West Germany 1969)
    Medicine-student Nils is spying on his neighbor doing kinky stuff through a small hol in the wall, while his girlfriend Marina, a journalist, is looking for a missing girl. Nils is getting more and more obsessed with his peeping tom activities and slowly reveals the dark secret of his neighbor. This film is interesting in that it may be the rarest and most least well known film in the oeuvre of Martin Scorsese, who co-wrote the script despite the film being a German-Dutch coproduction. In other Scorsese connections, the film features a score by Bernard Herrmann. The film is an Hitchkockian thriller mixed-up with sexoloitation of the 60’s… A true curiosity much more interesting than expected… 8/10

    "Adamo ed Eva, la prima storia d'amore" (Enzo Doria, Luigi Russo, Italy 1983)
    God casts Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden because Eve decided to eat a forbidden apple that a talking snake told her to eat. The disgraced couple find themselves battling a coterie of various creatures even some cannibals… Yeah it’s ultra camp and kitch but remember all began like this is told here…. Don’t forget it my friends… could have been worse… 6/10

    "Le comte de Monte Cristo, 1ère époque: Edmond Dantès" (Robert Vernay, France 1943)
    Edmond Dantes is falsely accused by those jealous of his good fortune, and is sentenced to spend the rest of his life in the notorious island prison, Chateau d'If. While imprisoned, he meets the Abbe Faria, a fellow prisoner whom everyone believes to be mad. The Abbe tells Edmond of a fantastic treasure hidden away on a tiny island, that only he knows the location of. After many years in prison, the old Abbe dies, and Edmond escapes disguised as the dead body. Now free, Edmond must find the treasure the Abbe told him of, so he can use the new-found wealth to exact revenge on those who have wronged him.

    "Le comte de Monte Cristo, 2ème époque: Le châtiment" (Robert Vernay, France/Italy, 1943)
    In the second episode of the movie…. Edmand Dantès is now the Count of Monte-Cristo, immensely rich and who seduce all the jet-set of Paris… He’s now ready to take his revenge…. Without any pity.
    Those two movies are the best adaptation of Alexandre Dumas famous novel. Very faoithfull to the original story and well acted… The First 8/10 the second 9/10

    “Of Mice and Men” (Lewis Milestone, USA 1939)
    George Milton and Lennie Small are migrant workers in the 1930s Depression. Lennie is mentally disabled and George looks after him. While working as hands on a Western ranch, they dream of owning their own ranch and the opportunity may be available. Their current ranch is owned by a sadistic man who has a flirtatious wife. Without any doubts the best adaptation of the famous Steineck’s novel with Lon Chaney in his all life best performance… Excellent. 10/10

    "Dracula's Dog" (Albert Band Italy/USA 1977)
    Russian soldiers accidentally unleash the servant of Dracula, as well as his dog, during excavations of Romania. Together, they set out for America, to find the last descendant of the great Count. Yo men, that’s it… A great Z Grade movie ! Just excellent as you can imagine…. Albert Band did much better (weird) work with “Face of Fire” and “I Burry the Living” which are pretty good Bs. 4/10 for Z rade fans At least 8/10.

    that' all this time...
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    • CommentTimeJan 29th 2017
    Movies of the week...

    “The Satanist” (Zoltan G. Spencer, USA 1968)
    A young couple's marriage becomes threatened when an attractive female occultist enters their lives, enticing them into a strange world of drugs, sex, and satanic rites. Ultra Weird nudie with strong occultism background… nicely filmed… 6,5/10

    “Sisters in Leather” (Zoltan G. Spencer, USA 1969)
    A husband is blackmailed by 3 lesbian bikers after they spot him having sex with another woman in a car. They then take the man's wife out for a picnic and some nude motorcycle riding. The husband finds some male bikers and together they try to save his wife from becoming a lesbian biker. More classic and less interesting nudie from Zoltan G. Spencer. Bur girsl are very pretty… 6/10

    “Lo zio di Brooklyn” (aka “The Uncle from Brooklyn”) (Daniele Ciprì, Franco Maresco, Italy 1995)
    Palermo. Two dwarves, godfathers of the local mafia ask Tano and his family to host a strange "uncle" who don't speak, don't eat and never sleeps... Excellent and ferocious (outrageous) comedy 8/10

    “La dame de pique” (aka “The Queen of Spades”) (Léonard Keigel, France 1965)
    After escaping the french revolution, countess Anna Fedotovna lives now in Petersburg. Addicted to cards she kept a famous winning formula which turns out to be fatal for those who aim to use it... Adapted from the eponymous novel of Pushkin a quite good movie written and adapted by famous writer Julien Green and faithful to the novel. 7,5/10

    “Lawman” (Michael Winner, USA 1971)
    A lawman from Bannock arrives in Sabbath to arrest all the cattlemen whose wild celebration the year before resulted in the accidental death of an old man. Dura lex sed lex…. Crepuscular western with a great Burt Lancaster as an exterminating angel… or deamon. A great western. 8,5/10

    “L'ultima orgia del III Reich” (aka “Gestapo’s Last Orgy”) (Cesare Canevari Italy 1977)
    Lise Cohen is taken to a special prisoner-of-war camp for female Jews, a camp run as a bordello to entertain the German officers and troops going in to battle. The camp is run with an iron fist by Commandant Starker and his minion Alma. Starker becomes frustrated when Lise demonstrates no fear, and devises cruel experiments to scare her, to no avail. Once she realizes her guilt is unfounded, Lise begins to play Starker's game, but even though she begins living a better life, she doesn't forget the atrocities she has seen and experienced. Cerainly one of the most if not the most outrageous nazi-exploitation movie ever made not for everybody… By the way not that bad for fans of eurothrash cinema. 7/10

    “The Killing Kind” (Curtis Harrington, USA 1973)
    Young Terry Lambert returns home from serving a prison term for a gang-rape he was forced to participate in. He seeks revenge on his lawyer and the girl who framed him. But his real problem is his overbearing mother, whose boarding house he resides in and who keeps bringing him glasses of chocolate milk. One of her boarders, Lori, becomes attracted to him. However, while he was serving his prison sentence, Terry developed an interest in rough, violent sex, and gory death. Now, one by one, some of the town's women pop up dead. A classic horro little movie about the mental damages caused by a too possessive mother…But quite well treated here with more characters’ depiction than gory action. Ann Sothern and John Savage are good.… Not bad at all in it’s genre… 7/10

    “Conquest” (Lucio Fulci, Italy / Mexico / Spain, 1983)
    A young man, armed with a magical bow and arrows, embarks on a mystical journey through a mystical land to rid it of all evil and joins forces with an outlaw to take down an evil witch bent on claiming the magic bow for evil. A radicaly different approach of the fantasy genre by great Lucio Fulci… A curiosityif not a great movie… 6/10

    “Comptes à rebours“ (aka “Circle of Vengeance“) (Roger Pigaut, France 1971)
    10 years ago, François Nolan and his brother have been betrayed by one of their accomplices after a break-in. During the fight with the police, Francois's brother was killed, and a cop disfigured by François. Now, François is back for revenge. As nobody knows who the traitor was, the former accomplices lose their head. The disfigured cop is also waiting for the right moment to take his revenge on François. Quite a good crime movie “à la française” with nice casting Michel Bouquet Serge Reggiani, Jean-Marc Bory (Ferrier), Marcel Bozzuffi, André Pousse, Jeanne Moreau, Simone Signoret, Charles Vanel,… 8/10

    That's all for today...
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    • CommentTimeFeb 5th 2017
    I managed to watch few moives this week...

    “The Losers“ (Jack Starrett, USA 1970)
    When the president's chief adviser is captured by enemy forces in Cambodia, the CIA, in it's infinite wisdom, recruits members of the Hell's Angels in order to pull him out. Yes ! Hell’s Angels go to Viet-Nam Baby…. But apparentluy it was inspired by true events… Hells Angels leader Sonny Barger offered to president Johnson some of his men to be used as an guerrilla force behind enemy lines in Vietnam…. Formaly the director is clearly inspired by Sam Peckinpahs films, when it comes to the violence, often shot in slowmotion, but the also the main protagonists being antiheroes. We immediately think to the Wild Bunch of course with this group of Bad guys playing heroes… So a true curiosity of course with some clichés but with good (and true ones no CGI here) stunts and action sequences… 7/10

    “Killer’s Moon” (Alan Birkinshaw UK 1978)
    Four mental patients - who, due to unauthorized experiments, believe they're living in a dream and have shed all moral imperatives - escape and find their way to the nearest bus-load of stranded schoolgirls. Quite poor horror movie by a specialist of bad cinema… 5/10

    “Hannah Arendt” (Margarethe von Trotta Germany/Luxembourg/France/Israel 2012)
    In 1961, the noted German-American philosopher, Hannah Arendt, gets to report on the trial of the notorious Nazi war criminal, Adolf Eichmann. While observing the legal proceedings, the Holocaust survivor concludes that Eichmann was not a simple monster, but an ordinary man who had thoughtlessly buried his conscience through his obedience to the Nazi regime and its ideology. Arendt's expansion of this idea, presented in the articles for "New Yorker", would create the concept of "the banality of evil" that she thought even sucked in some Jewish leaders of the era into unwittingly participating in the Holocaust. The result is a bitter public controversy in which Arendt is accused of blaming the Holocaust's victims. Now that strong willed intellectual is forced to defend her daringly innovative ideas about moral complexity in a struggle that will exact a heavy personal cost. Very inbterresting biography of one of the most influencial philosopher of the XXthe century… Good one. 8/10

    “The Touchables” (Robert Freeman, UK 1968)
    British rock star lives with a love-'em-and-leave-'em reputation. The tables are turned when four cute young girls kidnap the singer and keep him prisoner in a buble lost in countryside. And then they have to decide which one of her four will keep him forever… Then the poor fellow is subject to sexual degradation… Only movie directed by Beatles’ photograph Robert Freeman a curious cinematographic object full of colors and inventive use of the camera. A psychedelic trip in the universe of wrestling and music in the 60’s…. a tru curiosity. 7/10

    “Tomorrow” (Joseph Anthony, USA 1972)
    A lonely farmer takes in a pregnant woman and looks after her. After she gives birth, tragedy strikes. Adapted from his play by Horton Foote himself, the story is taken from a short from William Faulkner and that’s not surprising when you watch the movie… The atmosphere of Faulkner’s world is well render here. Very nice b/W photography and excellent acting of Robert Duvall and satage actress Olga Bellin… The movie is by the way Duvall’s favourite of his long carreer… Excellent and movieg drama. 10/10

    “Superman and the Mole-Men” (Lee Sholem, USA 1951)
    When underground beings explore the surface world from a deep oil well and inadvertantly cause a panic, only Superman can prevent a tragedy. Ultra camp and kitsch movie mainly for kids… Fun by the way fo B fans… 6,5/10

    to be continued...
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    • CommentTimeFeb 5th 2017 edited
    The others...

    “Un assassin qui passe” (Michel Vianey, France 1980)
    The story of a serial killer but bears little resemblance to a slasher movie. We know almost at once who the killer is and the emphasis is not on the murders but on his psychology as he falls in love with one of his prospective victims - a weakness which, of course, will be his downfall. Classic crime movie but with good cast : Jean-Louis Trintingnan, Richard Berry and Carole Laure… 7/10

    “Dandy in Aspic” (Anthony Mann, Laurence Harvey USA 1968)
    Double-agent Alexander Eberlin is assigned by the British to hunt out a Russian spy, known to them as Krasnevin. Only Eberlin knows that Krasnevin is none other than himself! Accompanying him on his mission is a ruthless partner, who gradually discovers his secret as Eberlin tries to maneuver himself out of a desperate situation. The last Anthony Mann movie (he died during the filming and the movie was finished by Harvey…) A complex and slow paced spy movie much better than it’s reputation… 8/10

    “Pleins feux sur Stanislas“ (Jean-Charles Dudrumet; France 1965)
    Sranislas, a famous French spy is writing his memoirs. All would have een be fine if a young and pretty journalist with whom hefalled in love had not been kinapped by members of a secret organization The 13 columns… Deads, chases, full action, stunts and pretty Nadja Tiller… Armless spy comedy… 6,5/10

    “The Blue Sextet” (David E. Durston, USA 1971)
    Jeffrey Amber jumps to his death and the police have no problem thinking that it was suicide. His friends gather shortly after his death and discuss their last moments with him and we slowly begin to wonder whether it was suicide or murder… Some kind of psychedelic and sexy Rashomon tale of the poor Blue Sextet is a true rarity worth of watching for underground movie fans… 7/10

    “Zombie” (aka “I Eat Your Skin” “Zombie Bloodbath” “Caribbean Adventure” and so on…) (Del Tenney, USA 1964/1971)
    A cancer researcher on a remote Caribbean island discovers that by treating the natives with snake venom he can turn them into bug-eyed zombies. Uninterested in this information, the unfortunate man is forced by his evil employer to create an army of the creatures in order to conquer the world. The movie was made in 1964 and released only in 1971… as a second feature at the bottom ogf the bill below the cult horror trash I Drink your Blood. And as usual with Del Tenney , it’s ultra broke movie but enjoying one for all B fans… 4/10 but 8/10 for B fans…

    That's all for today...