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    2 Proposals that might reduce the 2001/fight club/kill bill, etc. problem
    (I love most of these movies, but I´m really unhappy with typing the same titels day by day):

    Would it be possible to restrict the number of stills per Movie?
    I suggest 3 Snapshots within a 30-day-period:
    IMHO that would definitly increase the chance for genre-, or underground-movies.

    Would it be possible to change the rating system for uploads like in the following way:
    5 Points: 1st time-upload of a movie
    3 Points: still from a movie with less than 5 uploads so far
    1 Point: still... more than 5 uploads so far
    (of course, a more complex (and 100% fair?) system could be developed)

    I think, that would be quite a incentive for the users, to pick snapshots from the hidden treasures of their DVD collections.
    • CommentTimeJul 3rd 2009
    I agree a 100% with you crimsonaddict. That's the main problem we're facing at the moment, snapshots from the same well known movies over and over..
    I'll probably finish my 5-pages comment on all of your suggestions later tonight