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    • CommentAuthorhachi
    • CommentTimeMay 4th 2010 edited
    Sorry if this has already been brought up before, but I couldn't find anything.
    I just want to suggest some way of keeping tracks of the comments you post, on snapshots or for the forums I mean.
    Like a "recent comments" button somewhere, in your prefs or whatever. And if you do that maybe add a "recent topics" option? :)
    • CommentTimeMay 5th 2010
    Yeah I talked about it (and I probably wasn't the first), but in the "General" section. here :
    It's good that someone opened up the discussion in the proper section.
    Anyway, I like the idea and I think it would be really usefull.
    • CommentTimeMay 6th 2010
    i agree on that, would be a handy feature
    • CommentAuthordekolta
    • CommentTimeMay 7th 2010 edited
    I totally agree. I also posted about this in the general part, but sometimes you make a post on a shot and you want to see if later someone has replied to you. Normally I post and bookmark, but sometimes I forget it. I think this is a great idea.