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    • CommentTimeApr 28th 2012 edited
    You're in for a special treat !
    It's saturday and I NEED to make a tribute to Caroline Munro !

    As you already know by now, she was Stella Star, the space smuggler in the wonderful Starcrash. Look at Caroline in Dracula A.D. 1972 !

    And look at her in the most acclaimed Captain Kronos Vampire Hunter, demanding her neck to be nibbled on :

    Yeah, yeah, she was also Naomi in The Spy Who Loved Me and that was precisely this year I discovered I could have a hard-on thanks to her and Barbara Bach.

    Here is her autograph from my own collection, for your eyes only.

    Let's make her autopsy.

    Selling a Manikin Cigar deep inside the jungle.

    Selling rhum with a kind of a werewolf hairdress.

    Displaying her navel.

    Doing the one-armed lady.

    Making the letter d.

    Watching a dwarf.

    Trying to be taller than she is.

    With proto Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses.


    Confirming she has a leg.

    With the brand new Lelo luxury toy.

    Trying to do the letter K.

    Assuring she has hair.

    Scratching her finger.

    With a lucky extra.

    Ain't no mountain high enough.

    Sailing dangerously.

    Selling a scotch (that I'm going to buy, no matter what).

    If only I could be the towel.

    Bigger is better.

    You need anaglyph glasses to fully appreciate this pic.

    With the luckiest tree on Earth.

    Going bondage.

    With a fantastic rainbow dress.

    All aboard !

    Woush !

    With panties.

    Mimicking Raquel.

    And finally surviving the 80's.

    Since I'm generous I offer you on a golden plate an amazing document edited by a fan.
    Read this : CAROLINE ALSO SUNG !
    "I'm the warrior of love, yes I am, I'm comin' to get you, I'm the warrior of love, yeah, yeah, yeah..." ENJOY !!!
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    Yutte Stensgaard !
    She's danish which means she's hot.

    You saw her in Zeta One aka Alien Women aka The Love Factor aka Zeta Uno where a race of topless, large-breasted women from the planet Angvia come to earth to kidnap women to repopulate their planet.

    Here is the poster :

    And the official trailer :

    If you have good eyes, you can also spot her in Doctor In Love which is better shot than Titanic.
    Watch the trailer if you don't understand what I mean.


    She had her 15 minutes of fame with Lust For A Vampire aka To Love A Vampire.
    I think this is a movie with vampires because I didn't see it.

    Nice facial.

    Wondering if she should buy new pyjamas.

    Trying to get out of the water.

    Happy than the lawmower man finished his job.

    With some love accessories.

    "You don't need new pyjamas, darling"

    Thank God breast surgeons from Brazil didn't exist at that time.

    Here is the Vampire trailer. Very romantic.
    • CommentTimeApr 28th 2012 edited
    Straight from Norway, let me introduce Julie Ege.

    She starred in The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires.
    I garantee it's a movie with tons of vampires because I saw it.

    Look how this idiotic moron dares to kill her ! What a waste !

    She also appeared in The Final Programme aka The Last Days Of Man On Earth.
    If you wanna have a glimpse of her, watch the trailer.

    You will not waste your time because you'll see :

    - some guys entering a giant vagina
    - nuns at slot machines
    - a clown inside a bubble
    - Patrick Magee straight out from Clockwork Orange
    - scientists dying inside a lab
    - and a guy with an awful hairdress carrying a gun.

    But her glorious acting was revealed in The Creatures The World Forgot !
    Here's a complimentary catfight scene offered by The Palahniuk Institute.

    VoilĂ .
    Let's get back to business.

    Watching a plane.

    With a huge broken necklace.

    Discovering she has a leg.

    Admiring the photographer's tie.

    Doing the Raquel.

    Revealing a spear.

    Playing balls.

    On a --- drum.

    X marks the spot.

    I didn't know they had that kind of necklace in pre-historic times.

    In Pompei before the volcano does it thing.

    See how Julie does Tony Bonner and a random snake.
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    WE WON !!!

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    Hey Pala sorry for your last contest !!
    My girlfriend was visiting me for a week and then I spent 3 weeks in the USA so I couldn't play with you :p

    PS: you won the election but I lost ^^
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    Are you kidding me ?
    I voted Melenchon 'cause I wanna make the revolution !!!

    Where were you in the USA ?
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    Here is a GREAT video but unfortunately you have to be French to get it !
    So I dedicate this post to Office 911, hoping he'll realize we had five tough years (and it's not over).

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    I made a trip across the South-West (Las Vegas - Bryce Canyon - Grand Canyon - Joshua Tree - Los Angeles - Monterey - San Francisco - Yosemite - Sequoia Park - Death Valley)
    It was pretty amazing :)
    • CommentAuthorpioa
    • CommentTimeMay 8th 2012
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    Lol !

    I've made the same trip --- twice.
    Did you make money in LV ?

    Here is your hero :

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    And here is a pic of Carla.

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    ENOUGH with Nicolas and Carla.
    Let's talk about Vincent Vega !

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    Unfortunately no :(
    Blackjack hates me!
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    You should play poker buddy boy.
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    I know! I play poker in France, but I spent 2 days in Vegas! I couldn't spend a whole day playing poker lol^^
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    Check my latest chef d'oeuvre !
    Buzz it, like it, Palahniuk it.