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    • CommentAuthorWinterwolf
    • CommentTimeMay 12th 2012
    recently i watched the movie and missed one shot. I thought, damn i missed the best shot: Thought ok, the shot is at imdb to see, at the cover backside to see and at amazon to see, i definitly just missed in the movie. So far so good, but today another user of wtm asked me, if i seen the shot in the movie, so we are now 2 people have missed this shot...

    my edition of the movie got a run time of 99 minutes of the main movie, and additional 140 minutes extras (maybe its just there to see?). Imdb helps not much, there are only editions with shorter runtime to see with 90/96 minutes in the infos. I found nothing about a directors cut or something else at some fast investigation.

    So the question: can somebody tell me please at which time the shot is in the main movie to see? And maybe can describe which movie edition (s)he buyed with what entire run time.