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    • CommentAuthormoredread
    • CommentTimeSep 25th 2008

    me and my folks here would like to know more about the rules of this game. Perhaps there is a link on the page about this and we are only to blind to see. If so, sorry, but please give me the link.

    No1: After the two weeks are done to get credit for solving a movie, how long will it be in the database?
    No2: How long will I get credit in highscore section "Top Solvers films of the last two weeks" when the two weeks are done? So if I solve a movie one second before the two weeks are done, does it count for highscore or not? And if so how long? For another two weeks?

    • CommentTimeSep 25th 2008
    Hi moredread,
    let me answer your question right here. We're planning to post updated rules and guidelines of the game right here in the forum.
    But that hasn't happened yet. Stay tuned.

    No. 1: It will stay in the database forever. With the same ID, same link, and same title :)
    No. 2: You basically get credit for every movie which is still "solvable", as we call it. The solution for this movie is not yet revealed.
    These points count for both the "all time", as well as the "last 14 days" hall of fame.

    The only difference between these two highscores i: "last 14 days" only includes points from films, which were posted in the last 14 days.
    "All time" shows regular points of all movies in the database.