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    • CommentAuthorxalappz
    • CommentTimeMay 27th 2014 edited
    Hello everyone,

    We are a group of spanish developers dedicated to programming Android apps in our spare time as a hobby. Of course we love movies and we are big fans of the movie quiz game. We are therefore very pleased to announce the launch of an Android application on WhatTheMovie quiz.

    It is available in Google Play:

    We appreciate you to try the application. It's just the first version so any suggestions or contributions will be very welcomed.

    Thanks and regards

    Xalappz team
    • CommentTimeMay 28th 2014
    Just tried it a few minutes. Basic application but nice.

    A few obvious problems:

    1/ Publicity coming after a few (10?) shots. Grrr...
    2/ No way to go to the last shot
    3/ No NS section
    • CommentAuthorkinoute
    • CommentTimeMay 28th 2014
    I appreciate the effort (without any API available). I don't have an Android phone, any chance to get a video of the UI experience?

    Maybe work a little the UI to match our design, more black (the frame behind the shot) and red? A few players created a XBMC plugin to use WTM. You should have a look: