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    • CommentAuthortwillight
    • CommentTimeAug 4th 2014
    Here is what I remember of the movie:

    There are 3 cyborgs/androids going rogue in the city, 2 male 1 female.
    There is a cop sent after them with a fourth cyborg/android. The cop hates the artifical-ones.

    All cyborgs/androids are signed to be deactivated/destroyed, including the "friendly"-one even if the mission is successful.

    The three bad-cyborg maybe has some identity-crisis, and even look up they designer, who they kill after not getting satisfying answers, then they decide they are superior to humans, so go total rampage/world domination/whatnot.
    They even have a discussion on some rooftop (I think) how perfectly were they designed to be artifical humans while flipping through a porn-magazine. At that point the evil boss and the female one goes to "try out this" in intention of concieving a baby (sex happens off-screen).

    Of course in the end the cop finds and destroys all cyborgs, and even the friendly-android is supposedly destroyed. The final screen is where the cop sits in his apartment or a rooftop, or wherever talking with the friendly-robot's consioucness what is in some luminous cube, as it turns out he befriended the cyborg and rescued his memory-module.

    Any tip?
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    T-Force (1994) ?
    • CommentAuthortwillight
    • CommentTimeAug 10th 2014
    I'll praise your name night and day for 3 days (the time passed between you posting and me noticing it).