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    • CommentAuthorskacofonix
    • CommentTimeJul 14th 2015
    Notice to developers,

    I propose an unofficial API for the website WhatTheMovie.
    It is open source, under MIT license and free.
    This is alpha version, many things need improvement but it's works !

    Try this URL for random shot with unconnected user :

    Help from other services here :

    You can see the repository here :

    The big advantage of using an API is that all the logic that "parse" the site is deported.
    If tomorrow WhatTheMovie change how works pages, or management rules (as it happened not very long time with the pictures and refrer field), you just need to update the API.
    No need to deploy a new version of your application.

    I started my own Android app based on Xamarin.
    But i don't have enougt time to continue the job.

    If you are interested, use it, fork it, contribute !