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    • CommentAuthorAsmodai
    • CommentTimeAug 1st 2016 edited
    As the Summer Olympics will start in Rio in a couple of days, we decided to do our own version of these historic games. Time for a vault contest!

    All the regular rules apply:
    - 2 shots per user, 3 for contributors
    - 1 shot per movie

    All shots that contain a sport being played in the Summer(!) Olympics count. Note: it has to be SPORT in the shot, not just some guy running from the police or a random sail boat in the distance.
    Also shots that directly refer the Olympic Games, and not one sport in particular, are of course fine.

    The list of sports: (source:
    - Aquatic sports, including diving, speed swimming, synchronized swimming and water polo
    - Archery
    - Athletics
    - Badminton
    - Basketball
    - Boxing
    - Canoeing
    - Cycling (including BMX)
    - Equestrian
    - Fencing
    - Field Hockey
    - Football (that's Soccer for you Americans out there, not American Football)
    - Golf
    - Gymnastics, including trampoline and jumping around with one of them ribbons.
    - Handball
    - Judo
    - Rowing
    - Rugby sevens
    - Sailing
    - Shooting
    - Table Tennis
    - Taekwando
    - Tennis
    - Volleyball (including beach)
    - Weightlifting
    - Wrestling

    The dates will follow the Olympics as well, with uploading starting when the Opening Ceremony starts, and solving ending with the Closing Ceremony. So:

    Uploads start at: Aug 05, 2016 23:00 - Uploads end at: Aug 12, 2016 19:59
    Solving starts at: Aug 12, 2016 20:00 - Ends at: Aug 21, 2016 23:00

    NB: I will still confirm the WTM time is right with the actual starting of the ceremony, and will correct if not right. If it needs correcting, I'll announce it here and on the vault.

    You can find the vault here:

    Game on!
    • CommentAuthorAsmodai
    • CommentTimeAug 2nd 2016
    Note: For some reason the announcement-software is broken, I'll try and contact kinoute but I suspect he's on vacation. Anyhow, if you could all remind any WTM-friends you might talk to to find shots, that would be awesome!
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    "Also shots that directly refer the Olympic Games, and not one sport in particular, are of course fine"

    what about shots from Rio de Janeiro, the City of the Summer Games this year?
    • CommentAuthorAsmodai
    • CommentTimeAug 4th 2016
    No, but you can save those for the South America-leg of WTM's World Tour :)
    • CommentAuthorgreyhound
    • CommentTimeAug 5th 2016
    • CommentAuthorgreyhound
    • CommentTimeAug 6th 2016
    ...and you should really consider mentioning that uploading a shot fit for the contest to NS results in deletion...
    Happened again today to someone who's not new at WTM!