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    • CommentAuthornclas
    • CommentTimeAug 24th 2018
    Hi every one !

    My question is more for people how manage the web site. I was wondering if the idea of modernising the site is under discussion. By modernising I think specificly about the fact that HD pictures and HD screens are getting more and more common, even in web stuff now. It's quite sad to see that WTM still a huge databank pictures for movie's culture... but with 400px height pictures :(

    I'm aware that trying to fix that would be a big massive work (meaning expensive work). I'm just wondering if this is some thing you try to fix ? If so, how does it depend of the number of WTM Supporters ? How does it depend of winning the lottery or finding by chance a briefcase full of green bills... But maybe WTM don't plane to change about that for now ? There is no such project ?

    Thanks for reading me. I hope to have answers :)
    • CommentAuthorstuken
    • CommentTimeAug 30th 2018
    i guess wtm is out of staff, unfortunately :( concerning content that isn't powered by the community (like new features, a modern visualisation or general website issues... ect) their haven't been changes for ages or if it had been minor changes or bugfixes (thats not meant to be a reproach!!! i know you guys are busy, we all got a life :))
    • CommentAuthorkinoute
    • CommentTimeAug 31st 2018 edited
    About the resolution of shots here, I think tliff & naut decided back in 2008 to support as many as video sources as possible (DVD, HD-DVD, Blu-ray) within a single main frame with a static resolution. They have picked 720x400px resolution which was perfect to support DVD (which was the main source back in the days), and also newer sources that could be downscaled without losing quality. If they have picked a higher resolution (or if we do now), people uploading shots from DVD will get terrible quality.

    I don't think they wanted a dynamic frame that could adapt to the video source (lower size for DVDs, higher for Blu-rays). First, because that would look weird to adapt the design depending of the source of the shot, secondly because at that time, it could have given hints about the movie since there were not a lot of movies released in this format around 2008.

    Even if we suddenly add a bigger frame, all the previous shots that were taken from HD sources will not use it. A lot of people are downscaling their shots to 720px before uploading them. I think there was a problem with HD shots before. When being resized here, it added some blurry noise on it. But I honestly don't remember. People continue to downscale their shots because of that, to make them "sharper", even if it must have been fixed years ago.

    About a modernisation of the website, there were some discussions years ago to let me continue the development on my own (own servers etc), but the discussions never got anywhere really and I stopped thinking about it.