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    • CommentAuthoraigle1
    • CommentTimeNov 10th 2020
    On the home page, when I'm logged, in the little carousel of my "Feature Films" (at the bottom of "Your Stats Quizz" and left of "Tales of Interest"), the count of Shouts is broken.
    • CommentAuthorkinoute
    • CommentTimeNov 10th 2020
    @Rigborg that was the case before the switch
    @aigle1 thanks, cache problem, will be fixed in next release
    • CommentAuthorkinoute
    • CommentTime6 days ago
    @Rigborg my bad, rejected snapshots were filtered out before the switch. I didn't enable it again because of speed issues when filtering out shots on the search page. It needs to be redone from scratch

    Just some useless changes/fixes recently:

    - Fixed the number of FF shouts on the homepage
    - Fixed the validation of recent movies
    - Added a few new languages/flags (Albanian, Azerbaijani, Bosnian, Georgian, Macedonian, Montenegrin, Slovak, Slovene). Feel free to fix existing movies/series
    - Fixed number of uploaders on vault (don't forget to add your shots in the upcoming contest!!)
    - Fixed an error that could occurred when using the "Awesome Button" and no shot matching your criteria could be found
    - Deleted all inactive characters that didn't have any description or shots attached to remove all the dupes we had. Scruffy will reimport them if needed when somebody visits the movie/series pages next time (that explains the weird "latest characters" display on the homepage recently and for a few weeks)

    I'm trying to debug the NSFW stuff where you see the blurry moderated image even if you have no filters activated in your settings. If it happens, please tell me on what shot, and at what time exactly. I would try to look into the logs.

    Regarding the supporter status: I need to setup a new PayPal system on the website, therefore it is broken right now. If you want the supporter status, you will have to contact me to do that through PayPal directly or bank transfer.

    Regarding the supporter stats: I still have them from the switch but I would like to transform them (even the old ones) to be a weekly report instead of a 1-day report (before 2014) or a 3-day report. Otherwise It takes too much place. I'm very busy right now but I will try to do that really soon, sorry about this.