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    Dear Friends,

    I just returned from behind enemy lines and I'm telling you: what I saw was the horror (repeat "the horror" slowly two times).
    I'm sincerely trying to create a BOARD OF CENSORSHIP but nobody, I repeat, nobody followed my wise advices.

    So I worked out a very clever plan that even 007 couldn't have think of.

    I worked out a scam.
    Yes. Me. Palahniuk.
    A scam so incredible that Danny Ocean looks pale compare to it.

    I uploaded a disgusting LUCKY LUKE snapshot in the New Submissions Zone.
    I voted against myself under the strict NO IDEA DELETION PROCESS SYSTEM.

    And bingo!
    In less than 5 minutes, the snap was deleted!

    Thanks God.
    I collected FOUR SOULS dedicated to my cause.
    FOUR SOULS the time to go to the toilet and back!

    Now you want names.
    I'm going to give you their names PLUS the details of their perverted thinking.

    Let's go.

    "Palahniuk007: This shot is awful! And I don't know the movie anyway."
    "toffetomas: i agree"
    "MisterZob: no boobs on this shot"
    "Racetrack: no steamy tatoos"
    "Keyser_Soze: wtf"

    So Toffetomas, MisterZob (MadamePussy is welcomed), Racetrack and Keyser Soze you signed up with the devil in disguise!
    I'm going to send you the Application Form and the associated fees for you to join my wonderful Board of Censorship.
    You'll be accredited with badges for the next symposium on HOW TO DELETE OBJECTIVELY A LITIGIOUS SNAP WHILE SURFING ON WTM.

    Thank you guys.

    Yours dearly,

    • CommentAuthorAsmodai
    • CommentTimeMay 28th 2010
    Or you can just take your medicines...