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    • CommentAuthorNiro
    • CommentTimeDec 15th 2011
    Hi everybody,

    I am a Software Engineering Student in Paris, France, and want to make an Android app for our beloved WTM. I post this publicly not as an affront to the WTM dev team but because I previously asked for an API to no avail and want you, the community, to put some weight behind this request.

    I've created a proof of concept app that shows how a potential android app could look. I have made screenshots of my app, will explain how it works, and the apk is available at the bottom of the post. The flicker gallery is meant to be looked at like a screencast (movie) of me using the app (that's how it was taken). The interface is perfectly fluid, the screenshots don't do it justice, try the apk if you can.

    Basically the app works in landscape mode, and displays a sort of "gallery" of WTM shots. Shots are swipable from left to right, swiping to the right brings new pictures, and the last picture on the left is kept in memory (sometimes an answer just "comes" to you right after, right :) ) . To submit a response, a long press on the picture will bring up a response menu that lets the user input text. Whether or not the response is correct is overlayed for 1 second as an Android Toast over the picture.

    **Technical Part, if you are not interested, you can skip it**
    The app handles only 3 image frames in memory at any given point in time, so stays rather lightweight on its memory footprint. The "next shot" (on the right) is preloaded while the current one is examined, for UI speed purposes.
    Finally, the app is multithreaded, to ensure a small CPU footprint: getting the shot is done in a separate thread, as well as posting the response.
    **Technical par done. Wasn't too long right?**

    Now here is where this is a Proof of Concept only. To get my shot and shot id, I do a String analysis of the source page of (I analyse the text of the HTML page in brute force to get my information). In layman's terms, I'm kinda stealing the shot. WTM has no API, so no way for me to get my shot and id in a clean fashion. No API means no Account support. It means that the App registers as an unregistered user, and the result is some shots are repeated. No API means technically, all I have coded, and all I can code, is the interface.

    Bottom Line: I need the WTM team to provide an API for me to be able to make a comprehensive Android App. I would be happy to code this for free (student, learning purposes) and release the apk openly on the Android Market. Also, I do not ask that WTM opens an API for all, as I understand that this might not be in their plans for the site, but access just for me to build my app would be very appreciated.

    I'm not asking for a huge comprehensive API: I just need the following:

    -Authentification - user login
    -Ask for shot (authenticated under a user)
    -Post Response (again, authenticated)
    -If possible, User statistics (I would see the first screen of the App as a User Control Panel displaying shot statistics etc...)

    This is, at most, 5h of work. For a dev maintaining this site who knows this DB, this should really not take more than 2 or 3. I'd even be happy to do it if you'd let me.
    If you want to get in touch with me, you can reach me at eisenbergrobin [at] that email services Google has .com .

    The flicker gallery illustrating me using the app (again please keep in mind that the app is perfectly fluid...). Just start on the first picture and scroll right, you'll get a good sense of how the PoC works:
    The apk. Now if your are going to be testing the apk please READ THIS: this is a PROOF OF CONCEPT. I have only tested it on HDPI devices (800*480) I have NO IDEA if it works on your device (reported working: Galaxy S and Lg Optimus 2X, and T-Mobile G2X). Do not come asking for versions for your devices, I have pledged I will not continue work on this app without an API. If finished, though, I would implement the app for all devices, even tablets in the end if possible.
    Here is the APK:

    To sum up:
    -Make me an API access pretty please
    -I'll do it all for free
    -I've got a UI ready (some modifications needed once I get an API)
    -WTM Dev staff please contact me at eisenbergrobin [at] that email services Google has .com .

    Thank you!
    • CommentAuthorkinoute
    • CommentTimeDec 15th 2011
    That's pretty cool of you but like i said in the other topic a few months ago, there is no API and there is no coder who can make one for now. I suggest you to take a look at the XMBC WhatTheMovie Add-On here :

    They didn't use an API but there is authentification, post response etc.
    • CommentAuthoricemotion
    • CommentTimeDec 16th 2011
    I am in no way a moderator or involved with WTM, but happen to make a living as a UX designer and I feel your UI and overall experience is a far cry from what the WTM experience is about. As a user I would not want to have to press a shot for a longer period of time to even access the submit box... I'd want that right away.. I would want it to look and feel as WTM does... Also, rating the shots is an integral part for a good number of users, which is not even there yet.

    In short, in my opinion this needs a lot of work before it's ready from a user experience point of view.
    • CommentAuthorNiro
    • CommentTimeDec 16th 2011
    @kinoute thanks for the info I had no idea that existed. I checked their code briefly, and it seems they just authenticate and let the cookie run out, then reauthenticate. Kinda Backdoor but hey, it works. Given the fact that mobile data doesn't usually use a static IP I'm not exactly sure how the server would react on 3g rather than DSL on XBMC, depends on how it has been set up server-side. Ill try their way, see what cones up. Thanks.

    @icemotion I hear you on the long click thing. On one side I agree: if you know 3 movies out of 4, a long click is too long. If you know 1 out of 4 however, having the full screen to examine the picture might be worth more to you than answering quickly...yet the modification to add a WTM - style text input field at the bottom under the picture with corresponding checkmark or cross is a small modification, code -wise. Again as stated 15 times throughout the post this is in no way a ready for primetime version, just a PoC. I just didnt want to keep working without user authentification as it seemed pointless. Don't go worrying about release.On another note, I had no idea rating was so paramount though, I guess ill take a look at the xbmc plugin see what they think is important, thanks for the advice.

    Thanks ill direct my attention towards the xbmc wtm plugin now, see what I can learn from it.