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    • CommentAuthorFasojko
    • CommentTimeJan 24th 2018
    Interesting topic in my opinion, maybe touched in some other discussions but I wasn't able to find it.

    Guess the question should go to the mods.

    What I noticed is that this site simply doesn't have any regulations or standards regarding monitoring of users activities (or if I'm wrong I'll gladly hear someone explaining why am I wrong) and control of various lowlifes just roaming here for god knows which reasons. Sorry if someone got offended.
    For example what regularly happens to me is that during the morning hours all of my shots are being downvoted. If I have a shot with 30 votes and rating of 7,6 at 6-7AM, next refresh around 8-9 will show rating of 7,1 or less and 33 votes. Same pattern for other 2 shots waiting in the queue. So obviously some 3 punks do the same thing every morning - go through random (or all) shots and downvote. The shot will never recover and will go max to 7,1-7,2 with cca 40 votes. Note that at the time the shot gets downvoted I sometimes have 25+ votes on the shot.
    Same shit can happen during the day, but mostly in morning hours.

    Is there anyone taking care of this? If so, why does this happen to me almost on daily bases? Why do we even count the votes from that kind of people? I mean if mod notice that someone is downvoting like that - ban + remove those votes or at least set them to some median value...

    Unfortunately this fact creeps and irritates me so much that I really dislike this site because of it. But on the other hand wtm gives me so much joy in capturing and posting the shots... I mean I was on this site almost from start but deleted the profile because everything went down the drain at one point. Before a good shot could easily end up with rating 8. Now we have 7,1-7,2 SOTDS...

    well c'est la vie I guess...

    Anyhow, looking forward on mods comment and looking forward if anyone would comment and/or share the same experience.
    • CommentAuthorFasojko
    • CommentTimeJan 24th 2018
    or I'm simply getting mad and paranoid? :P
    • CommentAuthorAsmodai
    • CommentTimeJan 25th 2018
    There are regulations: "Refrain from using the voting or favourite tools to boost your profile and/or shots in any way.", and we do have systems to check these things, so no worries ;) If you got specific concerns, you can always send me or MisterZob a shout and we will check.
    I just did a quick check on your shots and noticed nothing suspicious. Lowest rating on most is a 3, and usually from different people. You know that a rating from someone who solved the shot counts triple?

    Also note that the absolute rating of a shot does not matter, only its rating relative to the other shots do. So comparing a 7.1 shot now to an 8.0 shot 3 years ago is quite pointless.
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    It happens all the time you go to bed with a shot at 7.60 and you wake up with a 7.00 (the good days ;-)) it's the same for everybody I think It's the game!
    • CommentAuthorFasojko
    • CommentTimeJan 25th 2018
    ahhhhhh...then I'm getting mad and paranoid ;)

    thanks for comforting me guys in that case :)

    @lederniermetro - yup but to me it happens sometimes in 3 ratings only so I get pissed because of it hehe

    @Asmodai - will give you a shout when my paranoia hits the next time so you can give it a look :)

    • CommentAuthorgreyhound
    • CommentTimeJan 25th 2018
    Happens to me, too - not to worry.
    Or else, I'm getting mad and paranoid, too... ;-)
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    Happens for the contest too: a nice first note and two more later It's the nosedive...
    • CommentAuthorlezard
    • CommentTimeFeb 3rd 2018
    Welcome to the paranoid club. Count me in.
    What surprises me, even after 9 years on the game, is that rates keep going down, very seldom up. It goes against all mathematics/statistics laws, but is true.
    What really makes me paranoiac, which fortunately doesn't often happens, is when yours shot runs for the SotD. You have good rates and you know that you stand a good chance, cause it's 9 in the evening and 35 people have voted already. You get to whatever you have to do. And three hours later, or the next day, with only one or two votes, bad luck, your shot goes down to let's say 7.36, 2 favs. Like a coincidence, the SotD is rated 7.42, 2 favs. Then i really get suspicious. And I guess it happened to quite a few of us.
    And all this is not about winning all the time. It's about not understanding and thinking it's simply not fair. It might be someone hating yours shot, and why not, but it might as well be someone who had a bad day and make you pay for it.
    I also clearly noticed that uploading b/ w shots is getting lower ratings, on the whole. Keep doing it all the same.
    Splendours and mysteries of WTM.
    Nice week end everyone!